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Ask the Fashion Police: Can I boil my Crocs?


Question received via our web search: "Can I boil my Crocs?"

What, you mean like lobsters? To kill them? Well, we guess anything you can do to Crocs other than actually wearing them is probably a step forward, but a cursory search of the Crocs website reveals that no, you cannot boil your Crocs. And you can’t eat them, either. Sorry to be the ones to break it to you.

Crocs say: "4 out of 5 Crocs, Inc. Customer Service Representatives in this study agreed that even though the shoes had a nice texture and looked tasty; they would not recommend eating the shoes."

If you just want to clean them, then, stick to good old soapy water, and keep it at a normal temperature. If you want to eat them, see your shrink, because Houston, we have a problem. If you’re trying to kill them, on the other hand, hey, want to join The Fashion Police? We like the way you think…

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