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To Buy or Not to Buy: Black lace cocktail dress

Lace_dress Laura writes…

Dear Fashion Police,

My husband I are were given a weekend at a posh hotel as a wedding present, and it’s one of those "dress for dinner" places. The wedding itself took up most of our available money, so I’m shopping on a budget here, and I found this dress at ASOS. I like the shape and the simplicity of it, but I’m just not sure about the lace. I don’t want to look cheap, just to buy something cheap!

What do you think?

~ Laura


I dunno, there’s just something about black lace dresses that screams "Britney!" to me. Actually, wait, I think it’s because I’m thinking of this…


Now, clearly the dress you’ve picked looks nothing like this, so I think you need have no worries on the "looking cheap" front: it’s high necked, and a simple shape, and, if anything, my concern would be that the long sleeves and black lace might make it look a little stuffy for this time of year, assuming that you’re doing this sometime soon.

Oh, I don’t know: over to you, readers. To buy or not to buy, that is the question?

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