Crimes of Fashion, Trousers/Pants

Crime of Fashion: Floral mesh pants set


So, on the plus side, those are some mighty fine abs this model is flashing, aren’t they? Wouldn’t you just kill for those abs? Here’s an interesting dilemma for you, though: if your Fashion Police Fairy Godmother was to wave her magic wand and grant you the abs, on the condition that you had to wear this green floral pants set to show them off, would you still want them? Hmm, those abs are suddenly looking a lot less attractive all of a sudden, aren’t they?

Come on then, tell us what it would take to get you into this little beauty? How much would we have to pay you? Or do you like it so much you’d happily hand over the $70 is costs and tell yourself that The Fashion Police don’t know what they’re talking about, anyway? Do tell…

(Also: is it just us, or is that her crotch we can see, peeking through the top "hole" on the right leg?)

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