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More swimwear trends to avoid: the even-deeper plunge one-piece

Swimwear When we wrote about Elizabeth Hurley’s plunge one-piece earlier this week, we had no idea that even greater swimwear horrors lay just around the corner, on the pages of our beloved ASOS.

Witness the Even-Deeper-Plunge-One-Piece: a swimsuit that reveals not only most of your boobs, but most of the rest of your body too, with the "neckline" reaching almost to the crotch. It’s a strange one, this, because even although some bikinis reveal a greater area of flesh than this, the plunge one-piece somehow manages to look that little bit more obscene every time. Seriously, doesn’t this model look like she’s taking part in a "glamour" shoot to you?

Given our new-found knowledge that no, tit tape does not remain sticky when wet, we think this one is best left at home if you’re planning on doing any actual swimming. If you’re planning on a visit to the Playboy Mansion, on the other hand, it looks like your search for an appropriate outfit is over.

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