Remember Balenciaga’s lego shoes? The ones only a handful of our readers and Beyonce seemed to actually like? We bet Balenciaga thought they were pretty safe from the copycats with those bad boys. They probably thought, "Hell, these are just too damn fugly for anyone to want to copy them. Why, even Steve Madden would shy away from these babies!"

Well, we’re sorry to break it to Balenciaga, but no, he wouldn’t. Steve Madden, you see, clearly has absolutely no shame at all – either that or he genuinely thought no one would notice the similarity between his ‘Bukled’ peep toes and one of the most recognizable shoes in the entire world.

Will anyone buy them, though? That’s what we’d like to know, so tell us: would you?

[Via Fashionista


  1. DUDE! These shoes rock! LMAO No, but really… Wear them with those cute black drawstring bottom shorts and tight green top… c’mon its totally club-girl! (^_^) Please don’t shoot me!

  2. Ha. More fuel to fire the passing of The Design Piracy Prohibition Act that they’re trying to get made into law in the US right now.

  3. I actually quite like these shoes. The only thing is that they would have to be worn with quite a plain outfit. I like these better than the Balenciagas, strangely enough.

  4. I bought them too. They’re fuckin hawt && I make em wat they are. You gotta be original && have a creative mind to buy && wear something so daring as these shoes.

  5. I actually work at a Steve Madden store, and in the company’s defense, it wasn’t trying to “get away” with making a shoe that looked just like the Balenciaga’s. Steve Madden makes “knock-offs” of designer shoes at a more affordable price, along with similar retailers such as Nine West and Aldo’s (both which I’ve also worked at.) So he already knew it was going to be recognizable to customer’s as a cheaper version of the Balenciaga’s. That’s the whole point.
    Also, believe or not, these shoes are really hot sellers! People come in looking for just these particular shoes. Everyone is saying they are so comfortable.

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