Some crimes of fashion make us laugh. Some crimes of fashion make us cry. Then there are the crimes of fashion, on the other hand, that just make us scratch our heads and say, "Wait. What the hell is that? Is that even a crime of fashion? No, seriously, what is it?"

This is one of those crimes of fashion.

For the record, we love Kelly Osbourne, and if there was a way for us to buy that perfect, porcelain skin of hers, our credit cards would move faster than Paris Hilton spotting a photo opportunity. But this… hoodie. It’s troubling us. And we don’t even think we can call it a "hoodie". It’s more like someone decapitated a hoodie, and who would do such a thing, we ask ourselves. WHO? (Oh, right: Kelly Osbourne. Or possibly her dad.)

The thing is, we think Kelly would have rocked this dress if the hoodie-thing hadn’t come along and hijacked her. But we want to know what you think? Fashion Crime or Damn Fine? Tell us…

(P.S. Read what Dollface had to say about Kelly’s makeup here…)  


  1. Well, for me, crimes of fashion are what detract from the person or make them look like crap…this hoodie doesn’t do that for me. She looks like one expects Kelly to look. Is it odd? Absolutely. Is it ugly? not really.

  2. I quite like it, but it’s probably just because it’s on Kelly, and as gokarm said, we expect her to dress a little differently. On anyone else – yeah, it would be very very odd.

  3. wow. eew. well honestly, minus the head gear? It might have a chance. The hood thing has to go and she should totally rethink the shoes she wears with it. Those are fine, but that outfit should have something different.

  4. I give her a passing grade because it’s unique and definitely suits her style. Not something I would wear, but if it suits your ecosystem, go for it. It’s an original and fun piece.

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