Crimes of Fashion, Jeans

Criss Cross Jeans = Really bad tan lines


Jeans that squeeze your thigh flesh out through holes in the denim: how have we never realised we needed these?

Continuing with yesterday’s theme of "cutting holes in your jeans is both clever AND stylish!", we can only assume that the designer of these Criss Cross Jeans must have studied under The Master himself: Mr Eric Glennie. The boutique selling these says that the criss cross design will "let the air flow through" (At last! Our problems with zero-air-flow jeans are solved!) and "keep you cool on warm summer nights." The Fashion Police say, "Yes, but if you try to wear them on warm summer days, better make sure you have your SPF 50 with you, or those’ll be some interesting tan lines you’ll end up with there…"

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