Fashion Police Poll: Underdressed or overdressed?

Audrey_hepburn Despite constantly complaining about having nothing to wear, there’s one thing I can always be sure of and that is that no matter what the occasion, I will almost always be totally overdressed for it. Luckily, I’m used to this by now, and so are most of my friends, so the fact that I spend most of my life sticking out like a sore thumb is nothing new – and at the end of the day, I think I’d rather be overdressed than under-dressed every time, although I have to admit that sometimes it would be nice to turn up somewhere and have managed to strike just the right balance!

What about you? Are you a dressed up girl or do you generally tend to play it casual?


  1. Always overdressed. I don’t mean to be, but everyone else just seems to be scruffy! But we live in the sticks, so going into the local town dressed in anything other than a nondescript pastel t-shirt and Ugg boots means that people stare at you like you’ve donned a full-length gown and tiara..

  2. I tend to be more dressed-up than most at work – we’re a “casual” company and some find it appropriate to wear anything from jeans and sneakers to jogging suits. I’ll be the one in the skirt and heels. More comfortable for me, since I’m cool in the summer and can add boots and leggings in the winter to keep warm.
    Meh. I’m always getting asked where I’m going after work or if I’m heading out for a job interview…

  3. Agree w/ Steph and FashionPolice: not that I live in the sticks, and I absolutely love where I live, but it’s a suburb. Not exactly a place where you would experiment w/ high fashion or even… eccentric fashion.
    I really do want to dress in a way that is appealing to the ‘common folk’ haha, but is also unique and different, so I’m trying more to contextualize my wardrobe. I like having a style that people can relate to, so I guess it’s really learning to “tone it down”.

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