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Identity Parade: Blue bubble hem dresses


It’s time for another Fashion Police Identity Parade, folks. Two dresses stand before you. Both are blue. Both are bubble-hemmed. Both are strapless. But one of these dresses is suspected of being an expensive, designer number, while the other is but an impostor. Which is which? Leave your comment below and tell us which is the designer bubble hemmed dress?

(And don’t forget to check back tomorrow for the answer!)

The Answer! (Don’t look if you still want to play!)

Well, you’re a clever old bunch and most, if not all of you, immediately realised that dress A was the designer, while dress B is the imposter. Interestingly enough, though, a lot of you said you still liked dress B better, so clearly you’re not influenced by designer labels!

Particular props to Sophie, who was first to guess the identity of both dresses. As Sophie commented:

Dress A = Oscar de la Renta’s strapless bubble cokctail dress, $1866

Dress B = Goddiva’s ‘Jennifer’ dress, £45

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