The Mirdle: a girdle for the guys

Mirdle Seeing as we women have our Yummie Tummie Tanks, our Spanx and our control-top pants, it seems only fair that men should get their own brands of shape-wear too. And guess what? They do! They’re called ‘Mirdles’ (Male Girdle – geddit?) and according to The Wall Street Journal, men are just lapping them up. (Not literally, we hope.)

Some questions for you, then:

Guys: Would you wear a girdle? Or a Mirdle? Or whatever you want to call it?

Girls: Would you go out with a guy in a girdle? Or be put off at all if he stripped off to reveal the item of underwear to the left of this picture? Remember, men have to put up with our Spanx, so should we support them in their wearing of Mirdles?


  • March 19, 2008


    oh, I’m torn. On the one hand, i get a sadistic delight seeing men in girdles after pushing an unrealistic standard of beauty on us women for so long and putting us through the inevitable light-headedness and constant discomfort to achieve said unrealistic beauty. But it is me or are things getting just a little TOO victorian these days? The whole world needs to loosen up a little! This is a step in the opposite direction. I think a well tailored suit is enough to look trim and chic. And yes, this would turn me off in the bedroom. It’s too clinical looking to be kinky.

  • March 19, 2008


    I totally agree with you, gokarm! Looks scary!

  • March 19, 2008


    Haha that’s amazing!
    I’m sure they featured something pretty similar on The Mighty Boosh last series actually.
    That’s not attractive, but then, neither are spanx.. Whatever, do what you like boys.

  • March 19, 2008



  • March 19, 2008


    Does it really have to be white? And semi-transparent at the waist? Maybe if it was all black..

  • March 19, 2008


    Hmm…interesting idea. I think I’d be more OK with it if it were an undershirt-type thing, and not a briefs-type thing. Though that, too, sounds dangerously close to a “bro”.

  • March 20, 2008


    I wiggle into my Spanx every morning and I strap on some not-always comfortable heels and I accept these things as a part of being female. I view it positively. It means a lot to me to look nice. It means less to him. I accept his teasing about my Spanx and I accept his flattery when he is impressed by how good I look in a dress. I am open-minded. He can wear one of these things if he wants. But I kind of like gender differentiation. Just as I prefer to be the only one who wears skirts, I’d rather remain the only one of the two of us who wears a girdle.

  • March 20, 2008


    I wouldn’t judge a fella for wearing those…but I would ask how many ribs he broke. I’m a med student, and that looks rather similar to the compression garment given to people who have had abdominal surgery (tummy tucks, usually) or who have broken ribs and need some stability.
    “fresh out of the hospital” tends to scream “fashion don’t” to me.

  • March 20, 2008


    Uhhh did you really have to go there w/ that pic 😉 Shudder.
    Fortunately, for guys there are far more attractive alternatives than that medieval torture device you have or even manx (Spanx for men). Us guys can go with Under Armour, C-IN2 or even that 2xist stuff that they mentioned in the article. Luckily, the gay community has known about this stuff for yeaaaaars.
    Sorry, no schadenfreude for the ladies here.

  • March 20, 2008


    metooalso, *giggle* I’m sure you’re right. But we straight women are stuck with straight men. Which means living with their paunches and the rest while we women go through so much to look nice. It isn’t fair, but I wouldn’t switch with him. I love the fun of dressing up and I can deal with spending an entire day in my Higher Power Spanx, without complaint, with many smiles, with excellent posture, and with heartburn only when I eat more than I should. My guy just couldn’t do it. When it comes to something like this, straight guys are wimps. He complains about wearing a tie! I would dearly love to see him walk a mile in my shoes, let alone spend a day in my Spanx. But I don’t think he could do it.

  • March 20, 2008


    This makes me think of Zap Branaghan from Futurama who always wears a girdle.
    I don’t know if i could go out with a guy who wears a mirdle. I’d probably laugh at him too much for him to want to date me…

  • March 20, 2008


    Megan, Yes, but isn’t it funny that guys don’t laugh at us for wearing girdles? Or at least none of my boyfriends ever have. They just view it as one of these girl things, like wearing makeup. And that’s why I don’t want my guy to wear a girdle. I guess I don’t mind him being vain or careful about his appearance. In fact I want him to care more than he does. I just don’t want him to do what I’ve always thought of as a girl thing in order to look better.

  • July 26, 2008


    I am a German so sorry about the broken enlish,
    I think that many man have a problem with her figure and want so look better.Until now they have only the possibility to use girdles for women,I think many of them will not dont do that about this.
    why man can not use girdles or if you like mirdle´s if they want to do it.
    I am 55 and I use femal girdles since some years, of cause I am not happy with this situation. for a man it´s not normal to use it, but what can I do.
    I like the discussion about mirdles, because I hope any time it will be normal for any man to use a mirdle

  • August 23, 2008


    I’m a guy and I enjoy wearing girdles. I’ve owned numerous womens foundation garments over the years and I like the way they make me feel and look. I have no hang ups about a “mirdle’ either, although I do prefer a little more “feminine” looking girdle.

  • September 4, 2008


    I am a male and I wear a woman’s open bottom girdle with stockings on a regular basis. It makes me feel comphortable and fine.

  • September 19, 2008


    Most females who complained about their panty girdles killing them etc. were for the most part buying their girdles off the rack so to speak and they were in essence stuffing their bodies into a pre-manufactured mold of a sized shape. If they had been properly fitted by a corsetier for their panty girdle they would have delt with very little if any long lasting discomfort, according to what my mother told me way back in the middle 1960’s. I remember those words so well because I am one of those guys that just loved the way my mother and sisters looked in their girdles. I always liked the feel and smell of the fabric and when my sisters dressed me in theirs, well I loved that too. The feeling of that wonderful material against my skin tightly compressing me made my skin tingle. When my sisters ran their hands over my girdled legs or stomach it was like electricity. This was not a sexual thing at my age but an innocent thing we were experimenting and having fun with as they all saw my like and intrest in the girdle. After many discussions with my mother she eventually let me have one or two of the panty girdles my sisters out grew and when I was a teenager she even gave me a few that she didn’t wear any more knowing that I still loved the fit and feel of being girdled. It didn’t turn me gay, I’ve been happily married for thirty years and yes my wife knows and even gets a kick out of it all these many years later. I will never buy a mirdle as I am comfortable with what I wear and the mirdle will never look as good to my wife as some of the ones she has bought me at special times over the years. What I wear under my clothes, noone knows but me and my wife.

  • November 26, 2008


    I’m a man, and I’m straight and I would NEVER wear that!
    It just doesn’t make any sense. Not sexy at all (as oposed to in a woman, where it can be very sexy. C’mon guys, it’s just a feminine thing in the first place and they can actually make it look good!) and, for someone who is not in good physical shape, it’s just an ilusion for the problem and it will never really solve it!
    Guys, if you have a problem with the way you look, there’s a very basic but very good solution: eat healthy and work out!
    Yeah, I’m sure that for most of you out there, that’s a lot of sacrifice. But, it’s the REAL solution and a permanent one, too (plus, it’s great for your health!). Not only will women not laugh at you for having some kind of “compression garment” (good comparison, Cadi!) under your clothes to ilude them that you have a six pack there, but they will probably admire you for looking good and fit.
    And that goes out to the 20 year old, as well as the 60 year old. There’s no age excuse for this.
    Eat healthy everyday and do some real, complete workout on a weekly basis (don’t just pretend you do, don’t lie to yourself). And, I don’t care what you say (don’t give me the excuse for lack of time or anything like that. One can always do something, if one really wants to!), if you REALLY do this, you will look better and feel infinitly better.
    And then, there will be no more need for this nonsense discussion about a piece of cloth rapped around your stomach and crotch, that makes you look like some weird, crazy guy, straight of the hospital.
    Really, I don’t mean to offend anyone. But think about this, guys: do you want to look good or to pretend that you look good?

  • December 1, 2008


    “And yes, this would turn me off in the bedroom. It’s too clinical looking to be kinky.”
    WOW gokarm, would a sexy Rago Lacette or pretty Vasserette style be erotically kinky on a hetero man ?

  • December 16, 2008


    When I got too much extra pounds my wife made the proposal of wearing a girdle. My first reaction was: never ever. But she insisted. And so I gave in and she bought me a girdle. Okay the first days were pure horror. But now, almost 2 years later it worked. I lost my extra weight, got slim again and feel much better. So looking back, my question is: what´s wrong if a man wears a girdle? And by the way: I´m still wearing my girdle. I got so acustomed to it that I don´t want to give up.

  • February 20, 2009

    Charles S. Johns

    I wear a shaper (girdle) and waist cinched (corset) because of back problems. Now I love my girdle and wear one all the time. If women have them, why not men? Be liberated ladies.

  • June 12, 2009


    I’m women, and I think it’s HOTT!

    • October 15, 2013


      wish there were more women like you

  • June 2, 2010


    i am a fairly “meaty” man and I’ve come to accept my body (giant bone structure with muscle and a layer of fat to make me cuddly =3), but for those fancy formal-wear occasion, I tend to favour the snug threads. I recently bought an outfit made by Blacklist (linked to the goth clothing company Lip Service) and despite being XXL, it’s STILL snug. I need it for about 3 weeks from today and it’s not enough time for my latest attempt at a crash diet to slim the gut down (my only concern). this would be very helpful for those rare occasions to men like me. like, casual days, I wear loose stuff so it’s no problem.

    also, I dont think ya need one that crushes u to hell and pack, just a gentle squishing in of the fat to smooth it out. comfort over fashion to me, and my new formal-wear is WAY to tight in the gut area O_O

    oh, side note to the women… dont put so much work into ur look for the guy. if u like to, by all means, go for it ^_^ but we guys dont care if ur looking like a model or not if we really feel for you. if they complain when ur not in make-up and good clothes, they’re a tool 😛 (sry guys, had to point out that out)

  • June 11, 2010


    I’m a guy and a minister that does a lot of weddings. I have several beach weddings coming up very soon. I can always hide my gut in a black suit, but face it, for the beach weddings, I’ll be wearing more flowing, linen material? I’ve either got to lose 40 pounds or look like I’m wearing a moo moo! I’ve never worn or even owned a mirdle and have never even thought of wearing a female one, so the thought of them making them just for men really entices me. I wore one of those spandex tummy trimmers years ago…or I should say, I wore it 1 time. It’s designed to make you sweat the weight off. I just hope the mirdle is more comfortable than that…and doesn’t make me sweat too much!
    Ladies, we love you for what you do to look good for us. Now, let us take a stab at looking good for y’all. :)

  • July 26, 2010


    I would definitely date a man wearing a mirdle….would be an interesting surprise to reach under his shirt and feel a tight (black) suit! Go for it men!

  • October 15, 2013


    I love to wear open bottom girdles. don’t see anything wrong with it