Luscious Lingerie by Mimi Holliday at Oli


For reasons which totally escape me for the moment, I’ve always tended to stick to the clothes and shoes sections of the Oli website, bypassing the lingerie altogether. Last night, though, following yet another, "whoops, I’ve dyed all of my knickers grey in wash again!" incident, I decided to take a quick look, and instantly found myself lusting over these sets by Mimi Holliday.

It’s no secret (well, not any more, obviously) that I’m a bit of a lingerie addict, and not just because of my unfortunate habit of dying it all grey. The world just seems that little bit brighter when you’re wearing knickers that match your bra, plus, as your mother probably told you, if you get run over by a bus, at least you won’t be embarrassed by your smalls. Because you’ll be dead. If you’re not, though, the prices and links for these two sets are below…

Mimi Holliday bra, £39; matching briefs, £17; Mimi rHolliday ed spot balcony bra; matching briefs, £13

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