Oops! Lindsay Lohan flashes her knickers again

Lindsay lohan flashes knickers

Over the weekend, my mother was standing in line in the Ikea rest room when a woman emerged from a cubicle with her very short skirt tucked into her knickers. You know how many people stepped forward to tell the unfortunate woman about her mistake? None. Well, none until my mother stepped up to the plate… Everyone else just stood there and sniggered while the girl dried her hands and prepared to exit the bathroom, with her knickers on full view.

Looks like a similar kind of thing happened to poor old Lindsay Lohan here. Hopefully someone told her about it before she went too much further, although, it has to be said that in Lindsay’s case, her habit of wearing "dresses" that are actually just tops isn’t really helping her here, is it?

Lindsay Lohan works in a morgue, channels Madonna in lace leggings

Lindsay lohan

Oh my God, is that…? Are those…? They are, you know. They’re white lace leggings. That are knee length. So, really, they’re cycling shorts, aren’t they? Lace cycling shorts.

Far more disturbing than the news that Lindsay Lohan is to spend time in a morgue as part of her rehabilitation after her DUI arrest last year is the fact that she apparently thought this was an appropriate outfit choice for a casting call. Unless, of course, it’s for a movie in which Lindsay will play Like-a-Virgin-era Madonna, in which case I guess this does actually work pretty well. I think on the whole I preferred the ubiquitous black leggings, though…


  • January 21, 2008


    At least she’s WEARING knickers!

  • January 21, 2008


    Your mom deserves an award. SO many people would rather smile and say nothing (including, in all honesty…me). I hope that the next time I tuck my skirt into my panties in the IKEA restroom, your mom is there. :)

  • January 22, 2008


    I’m one of those annoying types that tells total strangers when their label is sticking out, or those irritating things that are designed to keep your frock on its hanger are dangling from the armpit… I just can bear to see a nice outfit ruined (or a bad one made worse!) by silly little irritations. And I only ever get thanks from people when I say something. I say good on yer mum! Just think what mortification she has saved that young lady!
    As for Lindsay – does she not have a mother or a friend to tell her about these things? I’m beginning to pity her a little!

  • January 22, 2008


    *can’t bear. I CAN’T bear it!