Dress of the Day: Dior’s Pink Full-Skirt Knit Dress


I picked this Dior dress as today’s Dress of the Day, not just because of my sudden, yet all-consuming, boredom with black dresses, but because there’s something just so ladylike about it, and despite all evidence to the contrary, I love me some "ladylike".

That said, I don’t think this dress is shown to its best on this particular model (if only we could see it on The Red Haired One!), who, to my embarrassment, I actually mistook for a mannequin when I first looked at this. The pose, the sharp angle of her elbow. the makeup and the dress all combine to make this look like something you’d see standing in a dusty shop window circa 1952, and I don’t know why, but I kinda like that about it. I just don’t think I’d pay $2,140 for it…

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