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Christian Louboutin’s Alpaca Lamb Clutch looks like it might bite you in the butt…


One thing Christian Louboutib definitely did design is this Alpaca Lamb Clutch, which is ….well, it’s certainly different, isn’t it? And somehow I think the design is probably safe enough from all those pesky copycats. This is the clutch version of the Alpaca Satchel Louboutin released last year, and I’m going to be charitable and say that you could wear it with a very simple black dress, and it would have a certain amount of "wow" factor. Would people be "wow-ing" at the beauty of it, though, or would they just be thinking, "wow, she done captured an alien life form and skinned it to make a handbag"?

I’m going to leave that decision up to you, fair readers. For now, let me just point out the thing I really do love about this bag, which is the tiny little shoes which make up the clasp. Nice touch, Mr. L…

[via Bag Bliss]

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