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Ask the Fashion Police: Solve My Tights Dilemma!


Dear Fashion Police,

I’m hoping for some sage advice on what tights to wear with a wedding outfit (the wedding is on 22 December so I will have to wear tights. Or I will freeze). I will be wearing: this dress, these shoes in hot pink, this coat in ‘mercury’ (or grey): I’ll also be getting a shrug/bolero in either cream or pink. Now my dilemma is that I think nude tights will work best, but they’re not very fashionable? Would black opaques work or would they look odd with the shoes? I appreciate this isn’t, let’s say, the most fascinating dilemma but my brain is incapable of making a decision (it’s worn out from trying to find a frock that fits, looks great and isn’t black….and failing). I would appreciate any help you can give. T

hanks and season’s greetings, Anne-Marie

OK, two things:

1. Great outfit – loving your work, Anne-Marie! (Especially the shoes. God, I love LK Bennett shoes.)

2. Go with the nude tights. Seriously, some people can get away with the "black tights/pink shoes" look, but others end up looking like a grown-up version of Minnie Mouse, and unless you’re very sure you won’t be one of them, and will be able to pull it off, I think that in a situation like this one it’s best to play it safe, and that, I’m afraid, means nude tights.

No, they’re not the most fashionable look, but a wedding isn’t about "fashion", per say (remember you’ll be in the background of the bride and groom’s photos for time immemorial), and I think a more classic look is the way to go. If you really don’t like the thought of plain ol’ American Tans, there are lots of different patterned tights you could go for, in a nude colour: nude fishnets, for instance, can be nice, because they give a bit of texture, or a metallic gold like these ones by Pamela Mann would give you a "neutral" look, with a bit of sparkle.

Alternatively, if you can find a hot pink to match your shoes, that could work, and be a little bit more interesting?

Anyone else got some tights suggestions for Anne-Marie?

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