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Crime of Fashion: Christian Lacroix’s motorcycle-style boots


It’s Lacroix, dahlink! Lacroix! And it’s completely freaking hideous, dahlink! Completely freaking hideous! There’s a slim chance that this is just a very bad picture of Christian Lacroix’s motorcycle style boots, but as that chance is slimmer than a pre-pregnancy Nicole Ritchie, I’d say this is yet more proof that just because it’s designer, it doesn’t mean it’s not fugly. (Sorry, fashion victims.) Bin-liner style legs, feet that look like something your kid brother made at nursery class with the help of some thick glue and the contents of the costume jewellery chest and an overall appearance that screams "look at me!" when, really, you’d want people to look away make these a big ol’ fashion disaster – in our humble opinion, of course.

Luckily the gator is detachable, which might make them a wee bit more acceptable, but then… maybe not. Christian Lacroix invites you to pay £760 for the pleasure of wearing these. Will you be accepting, I wonder?

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