Christian Louboutin’s Scary Studded ‘Donjon’ Over the Knee Boots

Christianlouboutinboots You weren’t particularly impressed with Christian Louboutin’s attempt to add studs to a a stiletto ankle boot, but, undeterred, the man has clearly decided the world needs more of this lethal-looking footwear, and has come up with the Donjon over the knee boot, complete with scary studs.

Now, when I say "scary" here, I’m not just being facetious: I’m as clumsy as all hell, and those studs look pretty sharp to me when you view them in close up on the Net-a-Porter site. Imagine if you crossed your legs while wearing them! Or brushed up against a small child or household pet. Ouch!

I suspect these should probably come with some sort of health warning, but should they come with a fashion warning, too? Over to you…

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