November, 2007

Wanted! Green beanie hat by Sonia Rykiel

I know £65 is a lot of money to spend on a wooly hat, but I’ve been lusting over this one for months now. I finally managed to find one in the same colour, but alas, no bow, and I’m sure you’ll agree that the bow is the most important element here. If only I knew how to knit! Anyway, for those of you who don’t mind splashing the cash, this is by Sonia Rykiel and is a wool/angora mix. I, meanwhile, will be speaking nicely to my mother to find out if she knows how to make one… More fashion accessories

Penelope Cruz meets the Queen, looks pretty good

I’ve never been a particular fan of Penelope Cruz, but I have to admit, she’s been looking super-stylish lately. Here she is, off to meet Queen Sophia of Spain at the Spanish Institute’s annual Gold Medal Gala, and looking rather swish in this gorgeous blue gown with a bow at the back. Love it. Penelope was given a gold medal at the gala, but not for her sense of fashion, but for her contribution to improving relations between the US and Spain.

Weird Handbag of the Week: Dolce & Gabbana’s Miss Silky Tote

There’s something about Dolce & Gabbana’s Miss Silky tote that makes me want to pet it. I think it’s because it looks a little bit like Yoda, sitting there with its big ears sticking out like that. Strange it is. And much it will cost you – $2195, to be exact. For that amount, I’d be wanting it to dispense little nuggets of Yoda-like wisdom, but I don’t think it will, somehow. An opportunity missed by Dolce & Gabbana!

Katie Holmes gets a haircut

I know this is more a matter for our beauty blog, Hey, Dollface! than for The Fashion Police, but we get so many people arriving here having searched for "Katie Holmes haircut" that I’m going to bow to demand for once and give the people what they want. Here’s Katie, then, showcasing a brand new bob at an awards ceremony in Germany last night. I think this is her best look yet: she looks super-cute in this picture, peeping out from underneath the heavy fringe, and, just to keep this fashion-related, I’m also loving the little gold shrug, which she wore with a tight black dress. Allie is Wired is right, though – she does look freakishly like Kelly Osbourne…

Dress of the Day: Topshop’s purple pleat front tea dress

I know, I know – it’s another purple dress, but the fact is, they’re getting pretty hard to avoid right now, so we may as well just give in to the overwhelming tide of purpleness, and show you this classic tea dress by Topshop, which is understated and chic in a "wear me almost anywhere" kind of way. Because I’m petite, I’m guessing I’d have to wear something underneath this, or that cut-out detail at the front could very quickly become pornographic, but for those of you who aren’t cursed by short-body syndrome, like I apparently am, it’ll add a bit of sexiness to an otherwise demure little dress.

Write for The Fashion Police! Guest bloggers required!

Do you have something you’d like to say about fashion? Perhaps you’d like to admit to a crime of fashion, or just have a rant about the fashion items that annoy you the most. Or maybe you fancy yourself as a fashion writer, and just want to be published. Well, this is your chance to write for our site and have your voice heard by several thousand readers per day. We’re currently looking for guest bloggers to submit posts for inclusion on The Fashion Police. Read more after the jump…

Classic Crimes of Fashion: Julie Roberts dresses like your granny*

I’d like to think Julia Roberts was paid to wear this outfit – and particularly these shoes – to whatever awards event this was. I know it’s hard to imagine who, in their right mind, would pay her to wear it (and, more importantly, WHY), but it’s even harder to imagine her looking in the mirror that night and thinking, “Yup, this is one hawt red carpet look, lookin’ good!” Then again, there’s just a chance that Julia here thinks she’s so gorgeous she can get away with wearing ANYTHING – even a frumpy old house dress from the 30s and these cloddhopper shoes. And if that’s the case, well, I guess she’s earned her fashion criminal stripes. * No…

Sarah Jessica Parker wears big pants on the Sex and the City Set

Here’s SJP as Sex and the City’s Carrie, showing us that even fashionista’s sometimes need a little bit of support, especially on a windy day in NYC. Good on her, we say: sometimes comfort has to come before fashion, and there’s nothing like a big old pair of pants to hold you in and keep you in, now is there? And it’s better to be caught in big knickers than with no kickers – Paris and Britney take note! The outfit and shoes are by Proenza Schouler. The knickers – well, who knows? 

Dress of the Day: Nude sequin shift dress by Laundry by Design

Continuing with the "nude" theme of today (which totally wasn’t intentional, I promise), if you are going to wear a barely-there colour, I reckon this is the way to do it. A simple shape, a shimmer of sequins, pared-down accessories, bold eye makeup and glossy lips, et voila – a way to wear nude without looking… nude.  This dress is from Laundry by Design and I love the subtle glamour of it. A word of warning, though: this kind of dress is going to look better on darker skin tones: if you’re very pale, then you really will run the risk of looking like you went out naked. 

Wear or Die, celebrity edition: Keyshia Cole v. Piper Perabo

Beige is back, apparently. Over the last few days we’ve seen celebrity after celebrity looking almost nude as they trip out onto the red carpet in the colour that really isn’t much of a colour at all. Now, I like beige. It can look great if worn well, or it can also look… well, it can also look like the outfits worn by Keyshia Cole and Piper Perabo, above. Now, maybe you like these outfits, maybe you don’t. My question to you though, is: if you had to wear one of these outfits, or die, which one would you choose? The "bra over t-shirt" look sported by Keyshia (no, that’s not what she’s really wearing – it just looks like…

Barely Legal: The knickers Britney tried to steal. (Allegedly.)

Like these ‘barely legal’ Hustler briefs? Britney certainly did: in fact, she liked them so much that she allegedly tried to walk out the door with them, at the Hustler store on Sunset Strip. This is, of course, all gossip, so take it with a pinch of salt, but what proceeded this incident was even more bizarre, with Brit apparently asking to try the knickers on (People try on underwear before buying it? Really?), being refused, and then whipping off her own knickers (and hey, at least she was wearing some!) in the middle of the store and trying ’em on anyway. She then apparently tried to walk out without paying, but was stopped and had to cough up. Just…

Christmas party fashion from Love Label

I don’t often look at the UK catalogue sites, like Great Universal and Additions Direct, which is a bit stupid of me, really, because every time I do remember to check them out, I tend to find at least one thing I like. Today my eye was caught by this black tuxedo jacket with jacquard lining, which plays on one of the season’s big trends and the cute little purple puff sleeve dress – also on trend at the moment by virtue of being purple. The jacket is £45, and the dress £55. I’d worry a little about the texture of the dress, which looks satiny and perhaps liable to crush, but I like the puff sleeves and the nipped-in…

More Hammer Pants. We mean “jodhpurs”.

OK, so they’re not quite Hammer pants, but they’re not quite "jodhpurs" either, as the description would have us believe. I mean, it would be pretty uncomfortable trying to ride with all of that excess material under your crotch, no? So, what IS all that material for, then? Would someone care to explain it to us, because this type of thing is cropping up again and again right now, and we just can’t see what the lowered crotch is good for – other than perhaps carrying stolen goods in. Also, turn to the side and you’ll look like Amazing Elongated Crotch Woman – the superhero we never wanted to be. Of course, if you really want to make your body…

JEREMY loves KSUBI’s hotline zip overalls. Fashion Police don’t.

Jeremy loves these Ksubi skinny overalls, apparently. From this, we can only deduce that "Jeremy’s" work frequently takes him back to Tudor England, where he acts as court jester to Henry VIII or something, because these do have an almost "comedy" look to them, don’t they? As in, you’d like at them and think, "Oh my good God, you must be joking!" Of course, Tudor England would be mighty confused by the telephone print on these (for yes, those are old fashion phones printed all over these jeans) but then, we’re pretty confused by them too. Have you always dreamed of walking around with phones on your legs, belly and even on your butt? Well opportunity knocks! It costs £189…

Rachel Bilson in white skinny jeans and taupe knee boots

It’s a brave girl who decides to sling on a pair of white skinny jeans, especially at this time of year, when that pristine whiteness is liable to get splattered with rain, mud, and all kinds of other winter nasties. Rachel Bilson is possessed of the ability to look cute in almost anything, though, so while I think I’d have preferred this outfit with a darker pair of jeans (the white ones make her look a little too much like she’s off to join the pony club), the jacket is adorable, and I’m loving the boots, too. Whaddya think?

Wanted! Giuseppe Zanotti’s rose embellished wedge shoes

Oh, Giuseppe Zanotti, lead me not into temptation, for these are the kind of shoes that could make a girl forget all about that promise she made to herself not to buy any more shoes until the end of the year at least, and just go ahead and splash out on these. Not this would be much of a "splash" mind you – no, it would be more like a tidal wave, given the $653.95 price tag, so I think my "no more shoes" promise will be remaining unbroken for the time being at least, but how gorgeous are these? I am, of course, a sucker for the old flower-embellishment, but this is a particularly pretty one (zoom in on…

Anna Sui’s Punk Leggings. Because ripping your own would be too much work.

What do you think would be the most “punk” thing to do: a) Buying a cheap pair of fishnet leggings or tights and ripping them yourself to create the desired effect. or b) Paying $63 for a designer pair of pre-ripped leggings – which, by the way, were $106 before they were reduced. I don’t know: it’s a sad, sad state of affairs when even punks aren’t what they used to be. If you’re keen to get that ripped look without the hassle, I have loads of pairs of holey old tights I can send you. Or, of course, you can pay $63 for these ones by Anna Sui. Your call.

Crime of Fashion: Commes des Garcons skirt. Any old rags?

Aww, would you look at that? Little orphan Annie’s all grown up and shopping at Comme des Garcons! Or actually, maybe not. Maybe we’re being unfair here, for surely all CDG is doing here is giving each and every one of us the opportunity to feel like a modern day Cinderella, complete with the dressing-in-rags bit? All we need is a couple of ugly sisters and we’re good to head out to find our princes! Of course, being thoroughly modern rags, even this "look what my wicked stepmother made me wear" skirt comes at a price, that price being £400. Ouch.  

Dress of the Day: Classic little black boat neck jersey dress from Oli

I love jersey dresses. They’re so easy to wear, and can be dressed up or down as required. This boat necked dress from Oli doesn’t look like much in the picture, but there’s just so much you could do with it: dressing up up with heels and accessories or dressing it down with boots. It has a real 60s vibe about it, too, that makes me want to back-comb my hair and wear it with white boots and a beehive. Well, maybe not… It’s also super-cheap at £25, and – wonder of wonders – actually has sleeves! I’m amazed: so many of the so-called "winter" dresses in the stores at the moment are short sleeved or sleeveless, but this one…