October, 2007

Fashion Fraud Squad: Madden Does Miu Miu

If you thought Steve Madden was content to restrict himself to producing cheaper versions of Christian Louboutin’s shoes, think again. Here he is with his own version of Miu Miu’s famous patent brogue-detailed court shoes, and – kerrazy colour scheme aside – there’s really no mistaking where the influence came from for these, is there? Miu Miu’s Venice Pop Pumps are on the left of the picture (not that you’d need me to point that out to you, of course), while Steve’s ‘Specs’ are on the right – and are available in a rather dizzying array of colours. Steve Madden – we love you, but have you no shame?! [Source]

Make your own Hammer Pants. You know you want to.

I know we like to make fun of Hammer Pants here at The Fashion Police, but wouldya look at how much fun the funky people on the cover of this pattern are having in them? You too could know the joy of Hammer pants, my friends, if you just bought yourself a copy of the pattern – or you could, if I knew where to buy it. I don’t, though, and to be completely honest, even if I did, I’m not sure I’d tell…[Source] See more Hammer Pants from The Fashion Police!

Nipple badges – a fashion accessory too far?

Let’s be fair here: these nipple badges weren’t actually designed with fashion in mind, but in order to support charity – Breast Cancer Care, to be exact. Now, normally anything that aims to support cancer charities is just fine by me, but I do find myself wondering whether this is the most tasteful way to do it? Tasteful or not, there’s no denying that they are pretty damn funny – especially given that you can choose which type of nipple you want to wear. Personally, I’m liking the one with the nipple ring… More fashion accessories

Britney Watch: All dressed up for Halloween. We think.

I’m treading very carefully here, because although the mask and pirate motif suggest that this is, indeed, Britney’s Halloween costume, the fact that it’s Britney suggests that… well, that it might not be. Let’s face it: we’ve seen Britney in worse outfits than this one, so who knows? Still, at least her hair is looking better these days – if, of course, you don’t look too close at the top of that weave…

Style Stealer: Cheryl Tweedy’s high waist jeans and check shirt

Yee-har! Ride ’em, cowgirl! Sorry, I couldn’t resist… This outfit looks cute on Cheryl Tweedy, but won’t be to everyone’s taste – especially not those of us who’ve shied away from the "high waist/wide leg" trend. For those of you who can, you’ll find both the high waisted jeans and  short sleeve check shirt at Topshop, the ankle boots and clutch bag at Faith and the belt at River Island. This outfit is a little more masculine than Cheryl’s, who’s found a prettier, frillier shirt than I have, but hey, it’ll also work for Halloween if you want to go in fancy dress as a cowpoke.

Matalan in ‘fabulous shoes for £12’ shocker!

OK, so it’s not actually shocking that Matalan have been making fabulous shoes: they’ve been making them for quite some time now, but the problem has always been that while they’d have lots of lovely pictures of them on their website and in their advertising, they’d rarely ever seem to have them in-store – which is kind of important, really, considering that they don’t have an online store. (WHY?) Well, I paid a visit to our local Matalan last week (all in the name of research, you understand) and am happy to report that not only are the two shoe styles shown above available in-store, they’re completely gorgeous, too. I’m now the proud owner of the pewter Mary Janes, which…

Nicole Kidman wears see-through dress to the ARIA awards

It’s a first fashion-offense for the usually impeccably dressed Nicole Kidman, but, unfortunately for Nic, it was a pretty big one… Nicole turned up at the ARIA Awards this week with husband Keith Urban, in an almost totally see-through dress. (Nicole that is, not Keith. If Keith Urban had been in a see-through dress, this would be a whole different post altogether…). No wonder she threw the coat on after her little "meet and greet" session with the crowd – I’ve had nightmares about going out in public in something as revealing as this. I bet Britney would like it, though. More fashion criminals 

Win a Modcloth goodie bag filled with gorgeous fashion accessories!

We’ve been a little slow on the uptake with this one, but one of our favourite vintage-style fashion retailers, ModCloth is giving away an accessories goodie bag, and there’s still time to win – just.  All you have to do is visit ModCloth’s new blog, ModLife and post a comment on one of the entries. Everyone who does so will be automatically entered into the draw to win the gift bag, which is worth $150 and contains earrings, necklaces, headbands and a scarf. Sounds good to us… More fashion accessories

Victoria Beckham Goes Back to Brunette

Apologies for the graininess of this picture, but it seems to be the only one around that properly shows the new hairdo Victoria Beckham got herself this week. Posh has apparently gone back to brunette in preparation for the start of the Spice Girls tour, which starts in December. Looks like she’s making a bit of a return to the look that made her famous. Personally I love this ‘do on Victoria. I think the brunette bob was the classiest of her hairstyles (although I loved the recent blonde "pob" too). What does everyone else think? (For more celebrity beauty news, visit Hey-Dollface!)

Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Teri Hatcher

And the award for scariest Halloween costume of the year goes to… Teri Hatcher! No contest. And while I think it’s probably the makeup job that’s so frightening here, one thing’s for sure: if ol’ Teri comes to the door trick or treating this year, I’d be handing over the candy, no questions asked… More celebrites in fancy dress

Celebrities in Fancy Dress: Paris Hilton, Avril Lavigne & Rumer Willis

Sometimes it’s hard to tell whether these particular celebrities are in fancy dress or just committing one of their regular crimes of fashion, but I’m reliably informed that Avril Lavigne, Paris Hilton and Rumer Willis are in Halloween outfits in these three photos. At first I thought Paris had come as Big Brother "star" Chanelle Hayes, but no, it seems that she’s in some kind of sexy waitress outfit instead – (ETA – nope, it’s Alice in Wonderland. Only sexy.). Avril has borrowed Paris’ wig, but otherwise looks much the same as she always does and Rumer… actually, I have no idea what Rumer came as. Any guesses? More celebrity fashion

Crimes of Wedding Fashion: Pink and blue wedding gown with ruffles. For the bride who likes to smoke crack.

It’s your wedding day – one of the most important days of your life. Today you will walk down that aisle, surrounded by all of the most important people in your life, and marry the man of your dreams – or maybe not, actually, if you’re wearing this. Because I don’t know about you, but at no point in my dreams of the perfect wedding did it ever occur to me to think, "Mmm, shiny pink and blue satin with tulle ruffles on the train – sounds good to me!" Walk down the aisle in this little beauty and I can almost guarantee you’ll be walking back alone. Don’t say we didn’t warn you…

Friday Five for Fashion

This Friday… Hey, Dollface! asks: Would you buy a used mascara? I Am Fashion looks at Vivienne Tam dresses. Shefinds examines the evolution of the Ugg Boot. Style Bubble looks at the joys and miseries of flight attire. Cheapskate Chic is full of Eastern promise.

Fashion Criminal: Kylie Minogue’s boobs on the cover of Q Magazine

Oh no, say it ain’t so! We love Kylie too much to want to make a fashion police arrest here, but she’s leaving us very little choice with this "top that looks like boobs" disaster. This shot comes from the cover of Q Magazine, and the outfit is Kylie’s way of "celebrating the female form" according to the Daily Mail. Well, good for you Kylie, but you’ll excuse us if we don’t rush to follow suit…

Dress of the Day: Purple chiffon bandeau dress by Oasis

Oh boy, but there’s a lot of purple dresses around at the moment. This is good news if you love purple, I guess, but it’s also good news if you like to stand out from the crowd as, given that everyone else is going to be wearing purple this winter, you now know exactly which colour to avoid. Just in case you’re not sure which shade of purple suits you best, Oasis have hedged their bets with this purple bandeau dress, using a couple of different shades, and then sticking on a lilac waist corsage for luck. Dressy enough to make a nice brideamaid or prom dress, some of you may find it a little too dressy for all but…

Twenty8Twelve by Sienna Miller available at ASOS.com

Personally speaking, what I’ve seen of the Twenty8Twelve range by Sienna and Savannah Miller hasn’t exactly set my world on fire, but there are a few serviceable pieces in there. If you’re itching to get your hands on clothes designed by Sienna, though, it’s now available in the UK through ASOS.com, where this cropped tuxedo jacket is £220 and the "only for people with great legs" wool mini skirt is £100. It’s expensive, but is it worth it?

Best of eBay: Perfect Prom Dresses

A quick roundup of what’s happening on eBay this fine Thursday evening, kicking off with this gorgeous green dress from Coast, which isn’t in a traditional prom-style, but which is still rather stunning with that beautiful green silk and a fan-shaped embellishment on the front. It’s a UK size 16, is brand new with tags, and is at just £16 with two hours to go. Grab it fast, then come back to see what else we have for you after the jump…

On Trial: Wet look skinny jeans

I’ve tried to ignore them, but they’re just not going away, and when a mainstream store like Dorothy Perkins starts stocking them, you know the situation’s getting pretty serious… By "They", I am, of course referring to wet look/metallic skinny jeans. They were a big look on the catwalks not so long ago, but are they wearing them in your home town? Are you wearing them yourself, even? I know I’m not, and I have absolutely no intention of ever wearing them, because while I can see that the black ones just might work under a chiffon dress, or longline sweater, I’m afraid I just can’t think of a single situation in my life where a pair of gold skinny…

Star Style Wars: Mariah Carey V. Jessica Simpson in little black dresses

Mariah Carey and Jessica Simpson have both been working the little black dress look this week, and as far as I can tell, there’s not a whole lot to choose between them, so handing them over to you, the readers, for the final judgment. For me, Jessica wins here, mostly because I tend to view Mariah Carey as one big walking, talking crime of fashion. I think it’s something to do with the way that, every time I see her, she’s flagrantly flouting one of the top rules of fashion – Boobs OR legs, never both – and persisting in dressing like an overgrown Barbie doll. So she loses points there. Jessica’s dress, meanwhile, is the classier of the two,…

Lindsay Lohan shows us her crotch in leggings. Thanks, Lindsay!

I’ve reconciled myself to leggings, I really have. I find them warmer and more comfortable than tights, and while I can’t quite bring myself to wear them with shoes, they’ve become a winter staple when worn with boots and dresses. One thing I know I could never bring myself to do, though, is to wear leggings a la Lindsay Lohan, above – on their own, with just a short top and nothing to cover the crotch area. Oh hell, no. To my mind, leggings should always, always be worn with the crotch area well and truly covered, even on those who, like Lindsay, have the figure to get away with the whole bodycon trend. So, what about you? Would you…