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Fabulously Fashionable: Hilary Swank visits London

HilaryswankI have a soft spot in my heart for Hilary Swank, and I’m just going to come right out and admit it: it’s because she was in Beverly Hills 90210. God, I loved that show. Kelly was my favourite. Of the girls, I mean. Dylan was my overall favourite. I liked Carly too, though, and so it is that every time I see Hilary here at some photocall or other (this one is for Guerlain’s ‘Insolence’ fragrance) I do a little, involuntary "squee!" and think, "Lookit little Carly, all growed up!"

She turned out pretty good, didn’t she? Although this isn’t a great picture of this dress, it’s one of those totally-to-die-for forties-influenced numbers, with a little nipped-in waist and a lovely draped shoulder. And yes, I do know you can hardly see it at all here, which means I must’ve just wanted to talk about that whole 90210 thing. Ah, well. Love the outfit, Hil. Tell Steve I said "hi"…

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