Christian Louboutin sues Oh, Deer! and trademarks his red soles


It’s not hard to see why Christian Louboutin is feeling just a little bit pissed with Oh, Deer! right now, is it? Sure, lots of designers have copied the famous red soles (Hi, Steve Madden!) but Oh, Deer! have made a career out of it, copying almost every single design Louboutin produces, from the (red) sole up. No wonder the designer is seeing red (sorry).

As well as suing Oh, Deer!, though, Louboutin is also in the process of trying to trademark the idea of putting red soles on shoes. He’ll have his work cut out with this one, as Oh, Deer! are far from the only offenders: I guess my main question here is why he’s waited so long to put a stop to all the copycats.

What do you think about the move, though? I’m going to put my hands up
here and admit that I do own a couple of pairs of red-soled shoes,
neither of which are Louboutins (although I bought them for the style
of the shoe, rather than for the red soles): I also own Nine West’s
Bruges copies (which don’t have a red sole) and Steve Maddens’ Mary Janes. Given
that there’s not much hope of me being able to afford the real thing
anytime soon, I’m happy to have been able to pick up some affordable
lookalikes, although I do think Oh, Deer take it too far.

At the same time, the Louboutin red sole is all about exclusivity, and
I can understand why the designer is so mad to see it turn up at New
Look, Oh, Deer! and Steve Madden, to name but a few. I’d be happy to see the red sole made the sole property of Louboutin, although I don’t think we’ll ever see an end of the "designer inpsired" styles – and, to be honest, I’m not sure I’d want to.

What do you think? Do you buy Louboutin "copies"? Do you think he’s right to trademark his soles?


  • July 16, 2008


    Nine West was also stealing this “red sole” idea not too long ago. He needs to get over it and just realize that the retail world is a cruel one and that other companies are going to be “borrowing” his idea.

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  • October 8, 2008


    yes, i own many red sole include oh deer shoes before, so i am kind of sad since i am just a regular girl and cannot afford to purchase such silly expensive designer brand shoes with red no choice and not fun. i think its not only me girls are disappointed too who have been enjoying to buy oh deer shoes in their earned money!

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  • December 9, 2011

    Blam B*tches!

    I do want to see the red sole become Mr. Louboutin’s legal trademark and not some universal fashion trend. If he owns that red sole it means his business will grow meaning that there’s people out there who will have jobs designing/making/selling his brand. It annoys me that Yves Saint Laurent wants to turn it into a disposable trend. Its like is YSL such a boring brand that they can’t come up with something to try and top Louboutin? Is it just easier to take what Louboutin is know for, use it for one season, then never use it again?

    I will agree that Mr. Louboutin is crazy if he thinks he can stop every imposter, though. Louis Vuitton products are serialized, but that doesn’t stop people from carrying imitations with metal hardware that only cost them $200 (I see like 5 of those a day at my job). Yes he can and should fight companies like YSL and “Oh, Deer!” (what a stupid name for a brand), but he won’t ever stop all of them. Instead, he should focus on the design of his shoes, maybe create more “minor” trademarks that are more difficuly to copy than a red sole, setting his shoes further apart from imitatora.

    But no Mr. Louboutin, everyone loves your shoes, everyone can afford them, and that creates a demand for fakes.

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  • […] over thousands of counterfeit Louboutins). He has even sued brands such as Carmen Steffens, Oh. . . Deer, and more recently Yves Saint Laurent for violating this […]

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