September, 2007

More Freaky Lingerie: The Favio Freedom Bra

If you thought the C-String was bad, how’s about this, then? It’s the Favio Freedom Bra, and it was designed to allow women with larger breast to enjoy the, er, freedom of a strapless bra. Now, we’re all for things that prevent the "visible bra straps" fashion crime, but I’m still struggling to imagine how you’d actually wear this. (With a C-string, perhaps?) The designer says she invented it after a couple of glasses of wine. It kinda shows… [via Dollymix]

Christian Louboutin = Still scary

Remember those scary fish shoes Christian Louboutin made a while back? I’m guessing he couldn’t bite our feet off with those, so he decided to try and maim us some other way: enter the ‘Ariela leather boots’, which are covered in lots of tiny, spiky studs. Now, not being exactly blessed in the "gracefulness" department (i.e., I’m clumsy), I know I’d seriously injure myself – or someone else – within a few minutes of getting these on my feet. And if I didn’t injure someone, I’d at least do some serious damage to my clothes. Whaddya reckon? £595 to have really, really hard-ass looking feet: are you up for it?

Fabulously Fashionable: Hilary Swank visits London

I have a soft spot in my heart for Hilary Swank, and I’m just going to come right out and admit it: it’s because she was in Beverly Hills 90210. God, I loved that show. Kelly was my favourite. Of the girls, I mean. Dylan was my overall favourite. I liked Carly too, though, and so it is that every time I see Hilary here at some photocall or other (this one is for Guerlain’s ‘Insolence’ fragrance) I do a little, involuntary "squee!" and think, "Lookit little Carly, all growed up!" She turned out pretty good, didn’t she? Although this isn’t a great picture of this dress, it’s one of those totally-to-die-for forties-influenced numbers, with a little nipped-in waist and…

Alicia Keys wears her gloves indoors, Fashion Police baffled

Doesn’t Alicia Keys look fab in this picture? The crips white shirt and chic black trousers is one of those always-stylish, never-knowingly-out-of-fashion looks, but… what’s with the gloves, Alicia? Don’t get me wrong, they’re nice gloves, but … you’re indoors. You’re not wearing a jacket, so you’re obviously not too cold, so I ask you again: what’s with the gloves? Are you channeling Michael Jackson, perhaps, in which case: a) He only wears one, andb) Stop it. (You still look gorgeous, though.)

Winter Coats from Primark – Autumn/Winter 07

Didn’t I tell you capes were going to big this Autumn/Winter? If there’s a fashion trend a-comin’, you can guarantee Primark will be all over it, and they definitely haven’t let us down with their latest outerwear collection, which will be available in store from the end of October. (Why so late, Primark? I need me some coat action now!) It will probably come as no surprise to you to hear that I love the cape-coat on the left of this picture. It’s just £20, although I predict they’ll be selling on eBay for more than that. I’m also loving the 40s style black coat with its lovely belt (£30) – the cloche hat ain’t bad either, and the two…

Katherine Heigl works the wide-leg pants look

Well, it was a fairly close-run thing, but the majority of you said you liked the current trend for wide legged pants , so, just for you, here’s Katherine Heigl in a pair of wide leg jeans. While there’s a lot to like about this outfit – I love the shawl-necked knit and clinched-in waist, and I think she’s pulling off the "wide leg" look well – I still take issue with the length of the pants here. They’re so long she looks like she’s been chopped off at the ankle, and doesn’t have any feet, and while it may just be the angle of the photo, I think I’d prefer to see some shoes (preferably point-toed ones) poking out…

Crime of Fashion: Open toe boots from Arden B

Boots just aren’t meant to have peep toes, are they? I mean, can you imagine a scenario in which your legs are cold enough to need boots, but hey, your toes are so toasty and warm that you just want to air them a little, with a nice pair of peep toes? I can’t – or rather: I don’t want to. The fact remains: boots are not meant to have peep toes. Looks like Arden B missed the memo on that one, though, because while I normally can’t fault them, these babies look like some weird kind of fetish wear, with that skintight leg and open toe. Just say no, folks. Say no to the peep toed boots….

Ask the Fashion Police – reader participation edition! What to wear to ballet class?

Hey Fashion Police, I have a quick question. I’m a ballet dancer (pointe) and I often go to dance class feeling mismatched and frumpy! What can I wear to look good and be free to dance in? Michelle I’ve often thought that if I was a ballet dancer, I’d wear lots of little pale pink wrap sweaters with black leotards, or maybe a soft, wide neck knit, a bit like this one by Harmonie (let’s not even ask why I had that site bookmarked). The problem is, though, that I’m not a ballet dancer, even though I very much wish I was, and I? Am totally jealous of you, because I always wanted to wear pointe shoes and be all…

Wanted! River Island’s patent and suede mix long gloves

I’m a big fan of bracelet-length sleeves on coats and jackets, but they’re not much use when it’s freezing, so I’m currently on the lookout for a great pair of long gloves to wear with all of my bracelet-length outerwear. This pair from River Island is the first to catch my eye: the mix of patent and suede looks rather glamorous in this picture, but I can’t help but wonder if all that black patent might look a little too "Darth Vader" in person. Anyway, Look loves them (apparently), The Fashion Police loves them (they think), but do you love them? More fashion accessories

Crime of Fashion: fur-lined Croc-a-likes by Earth

"A beautiful mixture of fashion and warmth" says the Zappos website of these ‘Alpine’ shoes by Earth. I’ll give them the "warmth" bit, because with that fleecy lining it’s hard to see how they could avoid being warm, but "fashion"? On which planet would this be, Zappos? And I’m not sure I’d be throwing the word "beautiful" around with such gay abandon either, as these are surely a pair of Crocs, disguised as some kind of goatherd mountain wear? They’re also available in tan, but that’s not much better, I’m afraid…

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On Trial: Wide leg pants

No matter how hard I try and pretend it isn’t happening, there’s just no getting away from the fact that wide leg pants are going to be huge (literally) this winter. I hate them because I’m short, and they make me look even shorter, which is something I can really do without. I also think they have the power to make people look like cartoon characters, with huge legs and little bodies – and that’s not a power I want to try and mess with. What about you, though? Will you be working the wide leg look this season, or will you be keeping it skinny or straight? (If you’re a fan of the look, the trousers pictured are by…

Fashion Crimes of the 80s – a list

They may have been acceptable in the 80s, but they sure as hell aren’t acceptable now. They’re the five biggest fashion crimes of the 80s – which was itself just one long crime against fashion, from beginning to end. Anyone who was alive during the late 1980s will surely remember it as one of the worst-dressed decades ever – unless, of course, you’ve managed to repress the memory, in which case, good for you, and I wish I could. Here’s our round-up of the worst of 80s fashion. 1. Shell suits Perhaps the biggest fashion crime EVER, never mind just the 80s, the shell suit will go down in history as the sartorial equivalent of that dodgy one-night-stand you still…

Most Wanted Winter Coats: Black, wide collar jacket from Monsoon

I’m currently on the hunt for a new winter coat. Seeing as I’m on a bit of a budget (for which read: "I have no money") it’s got to black, so that it’ll go with (almost) everything, and I’d quite like it to have some kind of stand-out detailing, like an oversized collar, say, because I love me some oversized collar. Actually, I’d quite like it to be this ‘Ruby’ jacket from Monsoon, come to think of it. I love the drama of the collar, but the simplicity of the rest of the piece means that it would work really hard for me all winter – and probably next winter, too. The snag? It’s £95, which is a little more…

Irregular Choice’s Wrap Boots help you pretend you don’t have any legs

I know I’ve said this before, but as "wacky" as they can be, Irregular Choice have odd (sometimes very odd) moments of pure genius when it comes to their footwear. This is not one of those moments. Actually, these sinister looking black ‘Wrap’ boots remind me of nothing so much as those table legs the Victorians used to put little "skirts" over,  est they offend anyone’s delicate sensibilities. So, are these  boots for the terribly modest or are they just boots for the terribly dressed? You tell me… Report Crimes of Fashion!

How Not to Wear a Playsuit, by American Apparel

Indulge me for a moment here by assuming that you would actually buy a playsuit (or a pair of "jersey short-alls" as those crazy kids at American Apparel would have it) and that you would wear it. Now, I’m no expert on the whole dressing-like-a-toddler thing (actually, I kind of  am, but… you know what I mean), but I’m going to take a wild guess and say that what you probably wouldn’t do is wear your playsuit with your nekkid boobies underneath it, your nipples cunningly concealed – but only just! – by the straps of the aforementioned playsuit, "glamour model" style. Would you? No, I didn’t think so. Why, then, did American Apparel think that this would be a…

Glovers – gloves for lovers

Spotted today over at The Bag Lady, this strange, lumpen looking thing is a "glover" – a "glove for lovers". Do you see what they did there? The idea, just in case it isn’t obvious, is that it’s a great big mitten that you can each get a hand into at the same time. No more romantic walks spoiled by cold hands! No more "mitten on mitten" action! That’s the theory, anyway. In practice, I think the degree of premeditation that would have to go into "Hey, let’s go for a walk! Now, where’s the glover?" would put me off a little. I’d love to hear from anyone who thinks they’d wear these, though. (And if you would, you can…

Crime of Fashion: Marc by Marc Jacobs’ scary Yeti boots

Oh, Marc. It’s just one extreme to the other with you right now, isn’t it? One minute you’re all "I want to be an artist. With, like, really Dali-esque, post-modern designs. Or something." Then the next minute you’re all, "Nah, screw that: here’s some boots Britney Spears probably wouldn’t even wear because they’re that ugly – suck it up, bitches!" In fairness, Marc, these boots aren’t new, so it could be that you’ve turned a  corner here. But all the same: also available in blue? With "peek-a-boo" fur? The hell? "You’ll be looking fierce in these funky knee-high boots!" says Zappos. Well, I’m certainly feeling fierce after looking at them. Does that count? Report Crimes of Fashion! 

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Aruna Seth shoes – shoe porn at its very finest

Let me introduce you to my newest obsession, folks: it’s called Aruna Seth , and it’s a shoe collection that includes these babies, otherwise known as "the prettiest shoes in all the world". The picture above is actually of two different styles, but hey, either one will suit me fine. You know me – show me some bows and a few sparkly bits and it’s "Sold! To the woman with too many shoes and nowhere to live…" They really are beautiful, though, and the rest of the collection is equally glamorous. Check it out…