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Fashion Criminal: Sarah Jessica Parker and the oversized dress


Quick, someone call The Fashion Police, Sarah Jessica Parker is being mugged by a dress! Oh no, wait…. we are The Fashion Police. OK, well, Sarah Jessica? Honey? I know you’re, like, this famous fashionista and all, but let me share with you one of The Fashion Police’s top fashion tips. It’s this: no matter what you wear, you have to make sure it fits you properly. Now, this dress may well be the right size for you, I don’t know. The fact is, it looks too big, and if it looks too big, well, it may as well be too big. I mean, lookit your tiny little pinhead and your huge, Popeye arms! Now, we all know you don’t actually have a tiny little pin head or gigantic Popeye arms, so that must mean there’s something very wrong with this dress. And there is.

Love the shoes, though.

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