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Christopher Kane is upset because Victoria Beckham wears his clothes, needs to get over himself

VictoriabeckhamchristopheCatwalk Queen reports today that designer Christopher Kane was apparently none too happy to see Victoria Beckham pictured wearing one of his dresses. (So he’ll be horrified to see the picture on the left, then, of Victoria in… one of his dresses. Because Christopher Kane totally reads The Fashion Police, you know*). Oh boo hoo, poor Christopher, woe is he!

"I don’t want to sound presumptuous," says Kane, sounding presumptious, "but I’ve worked too hard for my
stuff to be seen on the front of the Sun newspaper. I couldn’t do anything about it, to be
honest. She wanted to borrow something, but I said no, so she went out
and bought it. I’ve got nothing against her, but she’s not the woman I
imagine wearing my dresses. I think more of women like Carine Roitfeld
because she’s sexy and intelligent. Posh Spice doesn’t even get a

This kind of fashion snobbery really winds me up. Sure, some women look
better than others (if that wasn’t the case then The Fashion Police
would be out of a job), and Victoria Beckham isn’t to everyone’s taste. But once designers start wanting to dictate who does and doesn’t get to wear their clothes (or sneer at those who do), then who knows where that could end. Do we reach a stage where you have to be a certain weight/height/hair colour to wear a certain designer? Will only blue eyed blondes be allowed to shop at Chanel, while Dior will decide they only want their clothes to be seen on redheads?

Christopher Kane will no doubt be pleased to know that I’m unlikely to be able to afford to buy his clothes any time soon, but even if I could, I’d certainly think twice after reading his comments – I mean, I probably wouldn’t be the type of woman he likes to imagine in his clothes either, and I wouldn’t want to add to the poor man’s misery. Bad enough that one of the most photographed women in the world is helping get his designs noticed (even if she does sometimes appear in The Sun), not to mention paying a few hundred dollars for the privilege. Heaven forfend that we mere mortals try and wear his designs, too!

What do you think?

*Not strictly true.

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