November, 2006

On Trial: Ugg Boots

Of all the fashion questions we’re asked, there’s one that comes up time and time again: Are Ugg boots still fashionable? Well, are they? Let’s take a look at the evidence… First of all, let’s make one thing clear: it doesn’t actually matter whether or not Uggs are fashionable. If you like ’em, wear ’em. Don’t listen to what The Fashion Police has to say on the subject – I mean, no one else does. A better question, then, would be “Are Uggs nice?” So, what do The Fashion Police have to say about that?

Dress of the Day: Red Miu Miu Tunic Dress

Because it’s Christmas, and it’s red, and it’s nice and simple but still gorgeous… and because I’ve been having me a bit of a Miu Miu moment recently. Bow down to them – they can do no wrong. £350 from Net-a-Porter Dress of the Day: Rachel Pally Cape Mini Dress I’m into jersey dresses in a big way right now, and I really love the casual, “just pull me on and hey! You’re good to go” style of this Rachel Pally mini dress. So easy to wear (and easy on the ol’ belly, too, after you’ve been over-indulging at Christmas dinner) and to accessorize – a real “take you anywhere” dress. It’s $176 and is exclusive to ShopBop. Dress of…

Wanted! Warehouse’s Occassion Coats

How many times have you gotten all dressed up for a party, only to go and spoil it all by throwing on some bulky great overcoat over the top? Never? Well then, you’re a better person – or at least, a better dressed person – than me. I’m guilty of committing this particular crime of fashion all the time, which is why I’m drawn to these lovely posh occasion coats at Warehouse. The only problem is which one to choose? The white is sparkier and more versatile, but green is my very favourite colour… They’re £70 each.

Britney Watch: Crotch Watch 2

Are you tired of seeing Britney’s crotch yet? Well that’s too bad, because Britney’s not tired of showing it off yet. GOD. This picture makes me sad. I mean, that’s a pretty dress, great shoes – even her hair looks good. And then she has to go and spoil it all by flashing her knickers – or lack of knickers, as the case may be. Why, Britney, for the love of God, WHY?

Candy Striped Tote Bag at Fredflare

I know, I know – it’s cheap and very, very cheerful, but sometimes (well, all the time, actually) you need a bit of that in your life, and, thankfully, the good folks over at Fredflare are always there to give it to us. This bag is a mere $20, and, as an added bonus, will remind you of those striped candy cane things you get at Christmas. Result!

I Love My… H&M Virtual Self

People, I’d like you to meet…me. Yes, it’s me. OK, I know it doesn’t look like me (although it’s a pretty good likeness for Julianne Moore, dontchya think?) but this is my virtual self, all the way from H&M’s virtual dressing room. Freaky, isn’t it? Why do I love my virtual self so much? Well, it’s hard to say, really. Maybe it’s the strangely glazed eyes, the perfect, perfect skin, the fact that she can clearly wear a white top without dribbling coffee and food down it, the way the real me does (EVERY DAY, folks, every day…). Or maybe I’m just easily amused? Anyway, enough with the self analysis. Go and get one of your own… More fun dress…

Anthropologie’s cashmere iPod hoodies

Where I come from, hoodies are what surly teenagers wear when they want to break into shops/terrorize the old folks. Where Anthropologie come from, they’re what iPods wear when they want to … be warm. And also: stylish! These, you see, are cashmere hoodies. For your iPod. I guess they’d probably fit some cellphones, too – no one will ever know. They’re $36 at Anthropologie – go on, make some poor iPod happy this Christmas…

Style Stealer: Nicole Ritchie Does Stripes

I’d normally hesitate to recommend horizontal stripes to anyone other than Nicole Ritchie because they’re notoriously fattening, but if you do want to try and copy this look, the striped sweater is $58 at Banana Republic, the skinny jeans are by Blue Cult and are $117at Bluefly, and the Steve Madden peep toes (which, OK, aren’t as nice as Nicole’s Louboutins) are $149.95. Oh, and don’t forget the trademark huge sunglasses – Nicole never does. These are by Dior and are $210.

Britney Watch: No Knickers

We can learn a lot about crimes of fashion and how to avoid them by observing Britney at work. Brit, you see, is a seasoned fashion criminal: she’s done the crime(s), she’s done the time (marriage to K-Fed was punishment enough, we feel), and now she’s doing it all over again, this time with accomplice Paris Hilton – an occasional fashion criminal herself. Paris, though – Paris has cleaned up her act, lately. In fact, I’d even go so far as to say that Paris has been looking good lately. In this picture, for instance, we can see her trying to stop Britney. Paris knows what’s about to happen. She knows Britney done forgot to wear underwear again. And she…

Style Stealer: Rachel Bilson’s Dressed Down Look

Doesn’t Rachel Bilson look absolutely gorgeous here? Sadly, I didn’t manage to find a jacket exactly the same as this cute little cape, but this cropped jacket from Miss Selfridge makes a good substitute – just sew on a couple of big buttons and you’re almost there.Most of us already have a pair of faded blue jeans tucked away in our wardrobes somewhere, but if not, River Island’s slouch jeans will set you back £44.99. This vintage style cami from Warehouse dresses up what the jeans dressed down, and as for the shoes… well, the shoes were a little harder to find, but these Kenneth Cole flats might just do the job.

Dress of the Day: Forever 21 Satin Spaghetti Dress

I know this dress isn’t particularly wintery, or even very festive (despite the fact that it’s red), but actually? That’s precisely why I like it. It’s almost December, it’s cold, grey and rainy outside,  it’s a long, long way from summer, and yet this dress makes me think of blue skies and hot sun, and I like that. I’m imagining it with tanned skin (not mine, obviously – I’m so pale I’m almost blue) and a nice pair of sandals, on it’s way to some balmy beach bar, where it will sit and drink cocktails in the evening breeze. (Not on its own, you understand. That would be weird. Someone would have to wear it.) Lovely. It’s $29.80 and its…

Juicy Couture Pink Laoptop Bag

I may regret saying this. I mean, Lord knows, I’m no fan of Juicy Couture, and sometimes? Sometimes I don’t even like pink… Which is why it’s all the more difficult for me to understand just why it is that I’m finding myself so drawn to this candy-pink Juicy Couture laptop bag. Even although it’s so girlie it looks like Barbie will be along to pick it up any second. Even although it has the word “JUICY” emblazoned on its side. (But! But! It has a pretty heart on the other side! That has to count for something, no?) Even although it’s £85 at Net-a-Porter. WHY? Why do I like this? Is it perhaps time to think about hanging up…

Dress of the Day: Rachel Pally Cape Mini Dress

I’m into jersey dresses in a big way right now, and I really love the casual, “just pull me on and hey! You’re good to go” style of this Rachel Pally mini dress. So easy to wear (and easy on the ol’ belly, too, after you’ve been over-indulging at Christmas dinner) and to accessorize – a real “take you anywhere” dress. It’s $176 and is exclusive to ShopBop.

Wanted! Dune’s grey houndtooth courts

Ooh, clever Dune! Haven’t they been clever? Say they are clever. Why are they so clever? Well, they’ve somehow managed to take three of this season’s top looks (houndstooth – check; grey – check; red – check) and put them all together, in the same shoe, without making it look like a big ol’ mess. In fact, quite the opposite: I think these are really rather lovely, and I’ve been admiring them from afar from a few weeks now. They dropped off the radar for a while there, as the stock obviously ran out, but imagine my delight when I seen them back this morning? They’re £75, and so, so pretty… (Also: clever.) Get them here…

Christopher Kane Designs Canderel Holders for Charity

Canderel – it’s the fake sugar people put in their coffee when they don’t want to get fat. Love it. The problem with Canderel, though? Well, it just doesn’t look fashionable, does it? And it’s not pink. You know how we ladies like everything we touch to be pink and fashionable… Well, luckily Christopher Kane has come to the rescue on this one, folks. The UK’s designer darling has teamed up with Canderel (who sponsored his debut show at London Fashion Week) to design some fashion-forward Canderel holders, all for a good cause. The good cause in question is The Pink Ribbon Foundation, and 5p from the sale of each holder will go to the cause. You’ll find some more…

Britney Boob Watch: Las Vegas

Whoops, you did it again Brit, didn’t you?? You’re just not going to take a telling on this one, are you? The thing is, Britney, we’re only saying this to help you, and yes, we’re still pleased to see you all scrubbed up and out having fun (God knows you deserve it), but Brit? Put them away, please? Just for a little while? Also: Paris – a word, if we may. What’s going on with your legs, here, Paris? Do you have one black stocking on here? WHY, for the love of God, WHY?

What to Wear to… Work

I don’t have to wear a suit to work anymore (this being because my “office” is otherwise known as “the spare bedroom, with a couple of desks in it” and the dress code is “whatever the hell I feel like, but mostly whatever I was wearing to bed the night before” – GOD), but if I did wear a suit to work, this is the suit I’d wear. I’m loving the tailored, 1940s vibe of the French Connection pencil skirt and jacket, and while you could play it safe with a nice pair of sensible court shoes here, these teal knee boots by poetic licence are just too nice to pass up – not to mention giving the outfit a…

Crime of Fashion: Office’s Blue Suede Stappy Shoes

Oh, good God office, what were you thinking here? WHAT WERE YOU THINKING? And you know, this could almost have been avoided – almost – if you’d just stopped at the “two straps on the front bit” and left it there, couldn’t it? But no. You were all, “You know what would totally set off these perforated (WHY?) suede, multiple-strap backless shoes with their stumpy heel? Why, an ugly-ass ankle strap, that’s what!” Shame, on you, Office. (My apologies, by the way, to anyone who actually owns these shoes. Tell me they look better on? Please?)

Topshop’s Heart Shaped Hotties


I’m a sucker for pretty hot water bottles. Don’t ask me why – I just am. It’s probably something to do with living in the frozen north and spending October – April every year wearing all my clothes, all the time, in a bid to stay warm. But I digress.

These heart-shaped hotties are only