crime of fashion

Fashion Fails

It’s been a while since we rounded up some potential fashion criminals for you, but the following crimes have been called in by our officers: as for whether they’re innocent and guilty, well, that’s for you to decide… ZARA have a ton of great stuff in store right now, but we’re going to go out on a limb and say this dress isn’t one of them. We don’t think many people would look good in this one, but then again, its crimes suddenly don’t seem all that serious when we compare it to these frayed denim cullotes: So, it looks like frayed denim is going to be A Thing this season, huh? Seriously, though: the drawstring waist. The cut-off legs…

heart-print clothes for Valentine;s day

Heart print pieces for Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day: whether you love it or hate it, you just can’t avoid it – not even here at TFP, we’re sorry to say. (Actually, you probably could: you could head out into the wilderness, or travel to some far-distant land, where no one cares about pink hearts and other romantic cliques. We’re willing to be that even there you’d bump into at least one person who’d ask if you got any cards, or what your plans are for the “big day”. Are you picking up on the fact that we’re not huge fans of Valentine’s Day? That’s good: we were worried we weren’t making it quite clear enough. Here’s the thing, though – our shameful secret, if you will:…

shopping strategy

Why buying duplicates can be a sound shopping strategy

Ever had an item of clothing you love so much that you end up being too scared to wear it, in case something happens to it?  Er, please tell us we’re not the only ones who do that? Sometimes particular favourites end up being consigned to the “do not wear” pile much earlier than they really need to be, purely because we know that, left to our own devices, we’d wear them so often we’d wear them right out – and can you imagine how awful it would be to no longer have that favourite sweater, or perfectly-fitting pair of jeans? Exactly. The trouble with THAT theory, obviously (and we’re sure you’ve spotted it already), is that if you’re avoiding…