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sales season

Sales season has officially started…

Attention, Fashion Force! Black Friday might still be a few days away, but the sales won’t wait, and there are already tons of bargains to be had. You don’t have to be in the US to take advantage of the discounts either, because while Black Friday and Cyber Monday used to be associated with the Thanksgiving holidays, they’ve recently spread to the UK, too, with many international retailers jumping aboard the bandwagon, and claiming Black Friday as their own. (Yeah, we know it’s weird, but if it means we get a discount on that coat we’ve been eyeing, we’re not going to complain…) One of the first brands to get sales season underway is Shopbop, whose sale started today, offering…

5 tops to wear with leggings

5 Tops to Wear With Leggings

When we talked about what to wear with leggings, we mentioned that the number one rule to bear in mind is that whatever you wear, it ideally has to cover your crotch.  Sounds simple enough, right? Well, yes, it does: but sometimes the simplest items of clothing can be the hardest to find, so, with that in mind, we’ve sent our officers out to comb the world of fashion and identify some tops to wear with leggings, to keep you on the straight and narrow… 01. Topshop neat-fit chambray shirt Longline shirts are always great tops to wear with leggings, and the humble chambray is something of a modern classic. Topshop’s neat fit chambray isn’t too baggy, but is cut…

What to wear to a job interview

What to Wear to a Job Interview

Working out what to wear to a job interview used to be a whole lot easier.  Back in the days when many jobs came with set dress codes, there tended to be a much bigger divide between what people wore to work (typically suits or other, similarly tailored pieces), and what they wore in their free time. Now, however, as more and more people enter creative fields, and workplaces become more relaxed, working out what to wear to a job interview – and even what to wear once you’ve got the job – can be a bit of a minefield. There are obviously still plenty of jobs which have easy-to-work-our dress codes, or even uniforms. This article isn’t for people…

long-sleeved sweater

How to save money on high fashion items

You COULD spend $282 on this paint-spattered shirt: OR you could just spatter paint over an existing shirt for free. (Or for the cost of the paint, if you don’t have it. It probably won’t cost you almost $300, though.) Similarly, you COULD spend £795 on this KitKat inspired clutch bag: OR you could just buy a REAL Kit Kat and carry that around with you instead. You won’t be able to carry your stuff in it, true, but you can’t carry a whole lot of stuff in a clutch bag either, and you can’t eat one either – which you can do with the real Kit Kat. You COULD pay $430 for this extra-long-sleeved sweater: OR you could simply…

what to wear in vegas

What to Wear In Vegas

Wondering what to wear in Vegas? Amber writes… So, lately I’ve noticed quite a few people have been arriving at the site looking for info on what to wear in Las Vegas, and it just so happens I can help with that, having just returned from a quick trip there last month. This was our second time in Vegas, although at a different time of year, so my first tip is all about the seasons… When are you going?  A lot of people think of Las Vegas as a permanently hot place, but it actually gets pretty cool in winter, so your first task is to check the weather for the dates you’ll be travelling, as you would with any other…

Style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese

Style Lessons We Learned from Dita Von Teese

A few weeks ago we brought you some style lessons we learned from Audrey Hepburn, so today we’re turning the spotlight on another of our favourites: here are some style lessons we learned from Dita Von Teese… Red  lipstick isn’t optional Have you ever seen Dita without bright red lips? We doubt it. Dita knows that red lips can totally transform your look, and will instantly create the impression that you’ve made a serious effort with your appearance – even when you haven’t. They say there’s a red that suits everyone: we’re not sure that’s true, but it would be fun to find out. Grooming is everything This is not a woman you’ll ever see with chipped nail polish or…

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