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floral print blouse and trousers

Crimes of Fashion Roundup

ASOS are using the never-ending 70s-revival (can you still call it a “revival” if it’s been going on forever? Because we’re starting to think that if this 70s nonsense goes on any longer, it’ll stop being a ’70s revival’ and just be ‘what people wear now’. We really hope that day never comes, but ever pair of knitted flares makes it seem all the more likely…) as an excuse for all manner of fashion crimes. This isn’t even the worst example we’ve seen, but an all-beige knitted “costume” doesn’t seem like a good idea for anyone, really, does it? [Outfit: ZARA] You can cop all the attitude you like, missy: this is a great example of why head-to-toe floral print…

Style Lessons We Learned from Audrey Hepburn

Style Lessons We Learned from Audrey Hepburn

It might seem like a total cliché to name Audrey Hepburn as your number one style icon, but the star’s classic style remains popular for a reason… [This is not Audrey Hepburn. But you get the idea.] Here are some of the style lessons we’ve learned from Audrey Hepburn… Simple is almost always best  When you look back at Audrey Hepburn’s outfits – and particularly at more candid shots featuring her “off duty” style – the main thing you’ll notice is the sheer simplicity of the looks. Hepburn favoured mostly black or neutral colour palettes, and while she wasn’t afraid to throw in a printed dress or colourful skirt, the pieces themselves were always simply cut, with minimal styling. While some would…


Good Clothes Gone Bad | The Back-Slit Dress

Remember when we talked about when good clothes go bad? Well, here’s another example… [buy it here] Now,  in fairness, this one could’ve gone either way. It’s one of those dresses that got an instant, “OMGLOVEIT!” reaction from us, quickly followed by a, “Or DO I?” The shape is amazing, is as the subtle print, which seems just right for the upcoming winter seasons. Dresses with sleeves are still rare enough to make us want to buy every one we see (Seriously, why so many short-sleeved dresses in winter, fashion designers? Don’t you all get cold? Do you really want us to spoil your beautiful designs by layering cardigans and scarves over the top every single time we wear them?), and did…

what to wear to a funeral

What to Wear to a Funeral

Here’s a subject no one really wants to think about, but which many of us unfortunately have to face at some point – what to wear to a funeral? Before we go any further, it’s important to note that most people don’t wonder what to wear to a funeral because they’re hoping to impress anyone: it’s a question we ask purely because we don’t want to risk causing offence. Because funerals are normally formal occasions, working out what to wear to one can feel like a bit of a minefield, so let’s get the basics out of the way first… You don’t necessarily have to wear black It used to be the case that black was considered the ONLY appropriate…

what to wear leggings

What to Wear With Leggings

Remember when leggings came back into fashion? What are we saying: of course you don’t – you were probably still being dressed by your mother back then. If you do remember the fashion trends of the early 00s, though, you’ll probably recall that when leggings made their big comeback, most people were completely horrified by them. They remembered the leggings of the 80s, you see – the lurid colours and the camel toes, and the way leggings instantly became the uniform of everyone, everywhere – often to quite horrifying effect. They wouldn’t stick around, we predicted, but we wrong: leggings are still here, they’re probably not going anywhere in a hurry, and they’re STILL being worn in ways that aren’t…

strange skirts

Strange Skirts at Shopbop

Strange skirts at Shopbop. Now try saying that fifteen times, fast. Then come and take a look at these skirts, which are pretty far from the usual run of pencil skirts, midis and A-lines… Karla Spetic ‘Hid Hand’ skirt, $525 It must’ve been a real lightbulb moment when Karla Spetic came up with this design, huh? (Sorry, couldn’t resist…) Moschino denim skirt, $550 If you think this one looks strange enough from the front, you might want to also take a look at the back view.  You might also want to consider never bending down in it – or if you do, make sure you’re wearing your best undies. Jacquemus fringe skirt, $336 When we read the words “fringe skirt”,…

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