Crimes of Fashion

The Internet Vs “The Real World”

clear Topshop jeans

MOTO Clear Plastic Straight Leg Jeans

We had to check the calendar when we first came across these jeans – we were pretty sure it wasn’t April 1st, but at the same time, this does look a bit like an “Emperor’s New Clothes” type situation, doesn’t it?

It’s no joke, though – and while you’re Fashion Police are still struggling to see the appeal of totally transparent jeans, the answer came in the form of the reviews of this item on the Topshop website – which basically just confirm to us that we’re far too old, and tragically un-stylish to get it.

“These jeans might have got a thrashing on the internet,” wrote one thrilled purchaser, “but people in the Real World seem to love the look!”\

Ah, so it’s a case of The Internet Vs The Real World, is it? We do sort of get this: you only have to look at some of the top fashion blogs, for instance (or Pinterest, even), and then have a quick look around you to see that Internet style isn’t always realistic, and isn’t always picked up by The Real World. We’re thinking here of all of those Pinterest girls you see strutting around with bare legs and sandals in the snow: which HAS to be just for the photos, right? Right?

With that said, we’ve yet to see  this particular look catch on in The Real World either, but there is another benefit to it, as pointed out by one of Topshop’s other reviewers, who writes: “

“As I am a victim of overactive sweat glands, these new jeans just let the sweat slip right down to my socks, so you cant see if all bunched up around my knee cap. Which men tend to say they find very off putting on a first date.”
Soooo, it’s better to be able to actually SEE that sweat sliding down your legs and pooling into your socks, we guess? Gotchya. Well, if it pleases men, we guess it’s worth doing: all women dress primarily for men, after all, don’t they? DON’T THEY?

(Answer: NO, they don’t. And that’s actually one of the things we really don’t miss from the days when we used to have comments open on this site – all of those men commenting with, “If you girls only knew how much men like to see you in X look, you’d wear it all the time!” Which, honestly, just makes us want to wear whatever it is even LESS, but, of course, if Topshop is anything to go by, it looks like we’re alone in that: and also alone in our complete lack of any desire whatsoever to own a pair of transparent jeans…)


Topshop’s £22 stripe bardot top

Topshop's £22 stripe bardot top

Topshop’s £22 stripe bardot top

When you’re in need of a quick wardrobe pick-me-up, but you don’t want to spend too much cash, where do you turn? Well, Topshop, of course! Or, OK, ASOS. Or Dorothy Perkins. Or… OK, you got us: we’re really lucky to have a huge selection of affordable fashion at our disposal here in the UK, but it’s Topshop who are selling this split-sleeve Bardot top (honestly, we could live without the split sleeves, but we get that they have to add an “on trend” element in order to appeal to people who care about that kind of thing, so we’re willing to overlook it, and try not to think about how much those sleeves would probably annoy us, flapping around our keyboards all day…), so it’s Topshop we’re shining the spotlight on today.

Seriously, though, how have you managed to live without a stripe Bardot top in your closet? The Fashion Police closet is practically bursting with the things, but the strange thing about that is that, no matter how many we own, we’ll always be able to justify just one more (Or two more, or three…), which is where we find ourselves today. This is, as the title suggests, just £22. and we can pretty much guarantee that it’ll work with most of your existing summer wardrobe. Stripes look particularly good with red bottoms, as shown in the photo (Look, we can’t help being basic, OK?), but they’ll also be surprisingly effective with something like a floral skirt (Try it if you don’t believe us) or just a plain old pair of jeans. This one, however, is selling out fast, so if your size isn’t available online, you might need to try your luck in store – and don’t blame us if you wait too long and they’re already gone!


A Quick Spring Wish List

If you read any of our other blogs, you might have noticed that The Fashion Police have been a little bit obsessed with Oasis lately. It’s not that we don’t love Oasis ALL the time, of course, but this is a brand that’s pretty much made for spring – just look at all of those florals they do!

Here are some of our favourite pieces, just in case you’re in need of some retail therapy on this bank holiday Monday…

long textured skater dress

Long textured skater dress

One of the things we love most about Oasis is that they release many of their dresses in both a longer and shorter hem. We prefer longer lengths, ourselves, and are constantly finding dresses we love, but which are much too short, but we know there are plenty of people out there with the opposite predicament, so it’s nice to have a choice, isn’t it?

bird print top

bird print top

A new top is one of the easiest ways imaginable to refresh your wardrobe on a budget (Hey, remember when you were a teenager and you “needed” a new top every weekend? Just us?), and this one is perfect for spring, with the bird-print design and pretty, lace-effect sides.

embroidered crew cardi

Embroidered crew cardi

Finally, if spring is that little bit chillier than you’d like it to be (and let’s face it, it normally IS), Oasis also have tons of pretty knits, many of which come complete with the requisite bird or floral embroidery. Embroidery’s been a big trend this season, and that looks set to continue, but it’s not the kind of look that will date too easily (There’ll probably always be a market for pretty cardigans, for instance…) so we’ll be stocking up while we have the chance. We particularly like this cardi, because it has long sleeves rather than 3/4 length ones – essential for the UK spring!

Fashion News

Want to get up to 25% off in the Shopbop sale?

Shopbop sale

Want to get up to 25% off in the Shopbop sale? What are we saying? Of course you do! Well, there’s good news and bad news: the good news is that the sale is on now, and you can claim your discount using the code EVENT17 at checkout. The bad news, on the other hand, is that you’ll have to spend a minimum of $500 to get the full 25%, but luckily you’ll get 20% off on orders under that price, so you still have the opportunity to get some pretty decent savings. The sale runs for two more days, so what are you waiting for? Time to get that new spring wardrobe in stock…

Crimes of Fashion

Two-tone pants and double-waist jeans

We’re declaring a state of emergency: crimes of fashion are starting to take over the pants world. First, there was these:

jeans with knee frills

It’s like, they WERE regular jeans… but they’d always dreamt of being ballerina jeans. A couple of knee-tutus later, and their wish was granted!

These pants, meanwhile, just couldn’t decide what THEY wanted to be when they grew up:

two-tone pants

Would they be pinstripe pants or cargo pants? Business or causal? Why couldn’t they be both, they wondered? Well, luckily for them, that wish was granted, too: which is a useful lesson for us all, really. Never try to pigeonhole yourselves, people – always remember the pants, and the inspiring tale of how they managed to have it all!


double-waist jeans

Now, The Fashion Police have dealt with this kind of thing before, and it never fails to make us think of the aura we get before a migraine, which makes the world look a little bit surreal. Just like a migraine, these have made us want to go and lie down for a while in a darkened room – and not just because of the look of them, but because they’re $695, and in low stock in all sizes, which means there’s a whole lot of people out there who just dropped a mortgage payment on a pair of jeans that look like a bad headache.

And now we really DO have to go and lie down for a while…

Crimes of Fashion

Jumpsuits Gone Wild

We’ve always viewed jumpsuits with suspicion. It’s definitely not true to say that all jumpsuits are crimes of fashion, obviously – some can actually be quite cute. It IS, however, fair to say that MOST jumpsuits have the POTENTIAL to be crimes of fashion: and we think this one is really pushing that potential to the limit:

pink ruffled jumpsuit

Of course, it would  also be fair to note at this point that we’re coming from a position of bias here, as we’ve always viewed ruffles with the utmost suspicion, too. (No, we’re not fans of the current trend for gingham ruffles, thanks all the same…) Like jumpsuits, they’re not always crimes of fashion, but they do have that potential, and, in this case, they’ve taken it way, way too far. If this was a dress, it might be marginally more acceptable – only marginally, mind you – although it would still make us think of something the young Barbara Cartland might have worn. As a jumpsuit, however, we’re not on board with either the ruffled legs or the sheer top, and once again find ourselves feeling grateful that we’re not nearly trendy enough to feel the need to wear it.

Is it better or worse than this jumpsuit, though?

ruffled gingham jumpsuit

Ruffles and gingham: they’re absolutely everywhere right now – which makes us suspect we’re going to be the only ones who’d consider this particular specimen a crime of fashion. (Well, us and the model, it seems…) The thing is, this one could actually have worked, too, if it had just been able to make up its mind what kind of jumpsuit it wanted to be. Is it a black gingham jumpsuit, or a blue frilly one? Either one would have been passable (although, as always, we could definitely live without all the ruffles), but, of course, this jumpsuit had to be greedy and try to be both – which resulted in the strange mishmash of styles you see before you.

Will this be the last piece of ruffled gingham we’ll have to arrest this year? Well, probably not: but we can dream, can’t we?

Crimes of Fashion

Topshop clear-panel mom jeans

Topshop clear panel mom jeans

When our officers spotted this photo doing the rounds on Twitter this morning, our first instinct was to check the calendar and make sure it wasn’t April 1st. But nope: it’s still only March 13th, so it’s way too early for April Fool’s… which means that these jeans must be real. Wow.

Having discovered THAT, our next assumption – also wrong, as it turned out – was that they must be from one of those cheap clothing websites that spring up every now and then, selling clothes normally described as “clubwear”, but what we’d probably describe as “fashion crimes, one and all.” Nope, though: again, we were wrong, because these are from Topshop. Which is about as mainstream as it gets in fashion, so… we’re scared, folks. We’re really scared.

Topshop clear panel mom jeansSo far, there are no reviews up on the Topshop website. There are, however, a few over at Nordstrom, where these are also available, with one reviewer excitedly noting that a) She’s not actually a mom, but these fit her anyway, and b) the clear panels will allow her to get “that super-fashionable skin through denim look,”even when it’s cold out. Well, at least that answers our usual question when faced with these kind of crimes – WHY? – and it also tells us, beyond doubt, that we’re obviously WAY too old for this fashion-policing game, because, when we see things like this, we just want to fall about laughing, as opposed to thinking how “super-fashionable” we could be if we were to wear them.

Still, we’ve long since accepted that we will never be super-fashionable, and we’re actually quite relieved about that, because it means we don’t have to provide our knees with little windows on the world. Whew! If, however, like another Nordstrom reviewer, you’ve “always loved your kneecaps,” then these could be exactly what you’ve been looking for…


The Shopbop Big Sale is on now!

Shopbop sale

Shopbop’s Big Sale is happening this week, which means that, here at Fashion Police HQ, there’s been some endless browsing of the Shopbop website this week, too. Adding items to baskets, removing items from baskets, trying to work out if we can possibly justify squeezing in that one extra item… you get the picture.

You’ll find all of the essential items from the sake in the graphic above, but here are some things that caught our eye from the ‘new in’ section:

Crazy in Love sweater

Maison Labiche Crazy in Love sweatshirt

You just can’t go wrong with a classic grey sweatshirt, can you? No, it probably won’t be the most exciting purchase you’ll ever make for your closet, but we can practically guarantee that it will be one of the most-worn items you ever buy. Those are the items we believe you should invest most money in, so although this one isn’t exactly cheap, it should end up paying for itself in the long run – and don’t forget, if you meet the minimum spend, you’ll be able to get a discount on it, too!

Amour striped t-shirt

Maison Labiche ‘Amour’ striped tee

If you liked the small slogan detail on the sweatshirt, you’ll probably like this t-shirt from the same brand, too. (And if you like stripes as much as we do, then we KNOW you’ll love it…) Striped tops are another one of those ‘Can’t go wrong’ items, and we just don’t think it’s possible to have too many – which  accounts for all of those stripe tops currently filling our closets, AND the fact that we still can’t seem to stop ourselves buying more of the things!


green tote bag

Deux Lux ‘Leyla’ tote

This little tote bag is just $65, and it comes in pink, black and mint. Which means the biggest question is, which one should you get?


Things to Buy From H&M

H&M have really stepped up their game over the last couple of years or so, and this season, the collection is looking better than ever. Here’s some of our top picks:

sleeveless silk polka dot dressSleeveless silk dress

OK, so at £99.99, we’re going to guess that this is probably a little more expensive than you’d usually expect from H&M. Luckily, though, the price is justified by the fact that it’s also a little more special than you’d usually expect: this dress is silk, and, from what we can see of it in the product shots, it looks to be beautifully made, with a classic shape, flowing cut, and, best of all, pockets. Gotta love a dress with pockets, right? this would be perfect for spring and summer, but if you can’t wait for the weather to warm up, it’d also look good right now, worn with heels and a cardigan.

polka dot shirt

Spotted shirt

What can we say: we love our polka dots! And our classic shirts, for that matter: they’re the perfect finishing touch to a pair of causal jeans, but they also work well with skirts, for a more dressed-up look. This one is similar to the kind of thing you’ll find from higher-end brands, but it’s just a fraction of the price, making it a whole lot easier to justify.


classic trench coatClassic trench coat

You can’t go wrong with a classic trench coat: or not as far as we’re concerned, anyway. We read a long debate on Instagram this week, on the subject of whether the trench coat really is a closet staple, and were quite surprised to see how many people felt they’d never have an opportunity to wear one. Thanks to the UK weather, we reckon a trench is indispensable in spring and autumn – and depending on just how bad summer is, often for even longer than that, too! This one is slightly less of a investment than some we could mention: so what are you waiting for?

Crimes of Fashion

The New Way to Wear Ripped Jeans

Rachel Comey Lenox Pants


Rachel Comey Lenox Pants

Well, this is… interesting. And here were we thinking that the denim disasters we’ve been documenting lately were probably as bad as it was going to get this season: just shows what WE know, huh?

Rather than going straight for the most obvious crime here, let’s take a look at the circumstantial evidence first:

The odd length, which looks more, “I outgrew these jeans two years ago, and just can’t afford to replace them,” than it does, “I’m totally rocking the cropped flare trend!”

Then there’s the “Just like your mother used to iron them for you,” knife-edge crease down the front of each leg.

The high waist – not a crime in itself, necessarily, but definitely starting to raise suspicion when paired with the “mom jean” legs and stonewash shading.

All of this would make these jeans pretty suss as far as The Fashion Police are concerned, but then there’s THAT cut-out. The one that starts just above the hip bone and then circles round the body, leaving the poor jeans desperately hanging on by a belt loop. Even if these were the most stylish pair of denim in all the land, that cut-out section would be a definite deal-breaker, but, of course, if you’ve secretly always wanted to show off that particular section of your torso, you may well simply be wondering where these jeans have been all your life?

On the plus side, though, at least they make these look pretty good in comparison:

extreme distressing on jeans

OK, OK, no they don’t: we’re not actually sure ANYTHING would make these OK, to be perfectly honest, but that’s just us, and we like to ruin our clothes ourselves, rather than pay almost $600 – for yes, folks, this is a pair of SIX HUNDRED DOLLAR jeans you’re looking at – for a pair that someone else has destroyed for us. You?

Crimes of Fashion

Sound the ‘pyjamas in public klaxon

h&m pyjama outfit

Pyjamas in public have long been a source of concern for The Fashion Police, but, at first glance, we honestly didn’t think that was what we were dealing with here. No, our first thought, upon reviewing the evidence above (found on the H&M website) was that this was a particularly unfortunate looking pair of pyjamas, sure, but, pyjamas aren’t exactly a crime of fashion, are they? What people choose to wear in the privacy of their own home, after all, is none of our concern … so it was only when we realised that we were not, in fact, looking at the nightwear section of the H&M website, that we started to get a little bit alarmed.

As it turns out, we were right to be alarmed, for these are NOT, actually pyjamas – what you’re looking at is, in fact, a trousers and shirt set, designed to be worn together, individually or, well, not at all, if you’re anything like us, and know that wearing this outfit in public would only encourage the neighbours to assume you were sleepwalking, and call for assistance. Which would actually be significantly less embarrassing than having to admit that, no, you weren’t still asleep when you left the house in this outfit – you made a conscious decision that it would make a great #OOTD. (Seriously, can you even imagine having to keep explaining, over and over again, that these aren’t pyjamas? Because we reckon that would get really old, really fast…)

We’re also really curious why, if people really MUST look like they’re wearing nightwear in public, does it always have to be oversized PJs – or, heaven forbid, onesies. Why not something like THIS, say?

Only Hearts Silk Chemise

(Only Hearts silk chemise in vintage ivory)

Oh, come on: it wouldn’t be THAT much stranger than pyjamas in public, would it? And surely it’s the natural next step in this ongoing trend?

Fashion Police

A new dress for just £5? Too good to be true?

green wrap hem midi dress

When it comes to clothing, it kind of stands to reason, really, that you’re not going to get much for just £5 – and, if you do, it’s probably going to be cheaply – and unethically – made.

Enter – where, yes, you guessed it, everything on the site is just £5. That’s an ACTUAL £5, too: this isn’t like one of those so-called 99p stores you come across, where almost nothing is actually 99p – no, absolutely everything you’ll find on this website is £5, from coats and dresses to shoes and handbags, plus everything in between.

Too good to be true, we wonder?

Well, we can say nothing about where these clothes come from, or how they’re made: we’ll make that clear upfront. A quick Google search revealed some vague excuse about them having “vast experience”” in the fashion industry, and therefore knowing where to source items cheaply, but we’d be interested to know where they’re ACTUALLY getting the clothes, and how they’re being made. Having said that, there’s no denying that, judging by the photos, at least, some of the clothes look pretty nice. We really like the look of the green wrap hem midi dress above, for instance, and we also came across quite a few other items we wouldn’t be adverse to giving closet space to – assuming, of course, that the quality is as good as the website claims it is, and, of course, that we can find some answers on how it’s all being produced.

Is a dress for £5 really too good to be true? Honestly, we suspect the answer to this one is probably going to be “yes, it is” – but if anyone has any evidence to the contrary, we’d love to hear it!

Crimes of Fashion

Denim is out of control again

It’s happening again, fashion force. Just when we thought the destroyed denim trend was over, and it was safe to go back into Toshop again, without fear of running into hundreds of pairs of raw hem jeans (is it just us, or does anyone else look at those things and feel like the wearer is obviously in someone else’s hand-me-downs, which had to have the hems let out or cropped off to fit properly?), they go and do this to poor old denim:

cold shoulder denim jacketThey call it an “extreme cold shoulder denim jacket”. Which seems pretty accurate, really. Our main question, though, is WHY? Why do people all of sudden find it SO unacceptable to cover their shoulders? Why must they always be bared to the elements, whether in a dress, a jumper or even a jacket, like this one? And when is it EVER cold enough to need a jacket, but warm enough for bare shoulders? More importantly, WHY MUST BRANDS KEEP ON MESSING WITH DENIM? Why can’t they just leave it be: denim wasn’t broken, after all, so why the repeated attempts to fix it, we wonder?

Meanwhile, over at ASOS:

oversized denim shorts

This model is showing us her stomach in a brave attempt to distract us from the fact that she’s wearing someone else’s shorts. At least, we’re assuming that’s why she’s doing it (The pose is just a little bit random, if not, although, to be fair, if we had abs like that, we’d probably go around holding our shirts up all the time, too…) As for why she’s wearing the shorts, meanwhile, well, this is all the proof you need that modelling is NOT always glamorous, people: although she should probably consider herself lucky that they didn’t make her wear the shorts with the jacket above – seems like the “edgy” thing to do, non?


4 Things to Buy for Spring from River Island

The wind might be howling around the Fashion Police HQ as we write this, but that doesn´t stop us looking ahead to spring 2017 – and, more importantly, to all of the wonderful clothes we hope it will bring us!

Today we´re taking a look at some of the spring offerings from River Island: here are four things to get you in the mood for warmer weather…

This mustard trench coat

mustard yellow trench coat

River Island actually released this trench coat around this time last year, too, and we´re more than happy to see it make a comeback for 2017. A good trench is a spring staple for us (and for a lot of other people, too), and this sunny yellow shade will be a breath of fresh air at the end of a long, dark winter.

This pink trench coat

pink trench coat

Yellow not your colour? Don´t worry: not only is the yellow coat above also available in a more traditional beige, there´s also this gorgeous pale pink number, to help you introduce a bit of subtle colour to your wardrobe. This one isn´t available online yet, but keep an eye out for it arriving soon!

cream floral wrap dress

This cream floral wrap dress

Nothing says springtime quite like a floral-print dress (Yes, we can feel you getting ready to drop that ´Devil Wears Prada´quote on us, but try to resist!). This little dress will look good with the pink coat above it, and could also be worn with tight, if the season isn´t quite as warm as we´d like it to be. Speaking of which…

This flower print cardigan

pink and red flower print cardigan

Even when spring does arrive, we all know we´re probably still going to be feeling a chill in the air for quite some time, so this pretty pink and red floral print cardigan offers a nice way to stay warm, while still giving a nod to the season.


Dinsosaur Style from Kate Spade

Dinsosaur bags by Kate Spade

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade, available at Shopbop

Dinosaurs are going to be, like, SO HOT this year, folks  – but only if they´re either purple or hot pink. How do we know? Because Kate Spade says so, obviously. The bags above are just two of the dinosaur-themed creations from her collection currently available at Shopbop. Are they cute, though, or just kinda childish? We´re going to let you be the judge of that: and while you´re making your mind up, here are some other Kate Spade goodies to feast your eyes on…

Kate Spade Alexa heart bag

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade

Now that Christmas is finally out of the way, it´s time for the PRs and bloggers to start obsessing over Valentine´s day – which we can guarantee all of the press releases we receive for the next few weeks will tell us is “just around the corner”. We can also pretty much guarantee that this little heart print bag will be cropping up on every Valentine themed gift guide you come across – something this cute will be just impossible to ignore!

Kate Spade When Pigs Fly Clutch

Dinosaur bags by Kate Spade

As well as all those purple dinosaurs, we´re predicting that flying pigs will also be pretty big ion 2017. This clutch big is $448 at Shopbop, but there are only three left, so if you´ve always wanted to carry a flying pig around with you, you might not want to wait too much longer before hitting the “add to basket” button.

Speaking of that “add to basket” button, don´t forget that the Shopbop sale is still on, offering up to 70% off some items.  They´ve just added hundreds more items to the sale, bu they´re probably not going to stick around for long, so now´s your chance to grab a last-minute bargain… or a flying pig handbag, whichever you prefer.

Fashion Police

Fashion Police Shop the Sales

fashion sales and discount codesGreetings, Fashion Force: we hope you all had a wonderful Christmas, but as much as we’d love to hear all about it, there’s important business to take care of first: namely, the sales!

Now, admittedly, the Christmas/New Year sales aren’t what they once were. We’re old enough to remember the days when most stores launched their big sales on Boxing Day – and not before – and there would be this huge rush to spend your Christmas cash, plus anything you’d managed to save over the past year, on that coveted item you’d been admiring for months. No more, though. Nah, now that most brands have sales all year round, and everyone’s jumped on board the Black Friday train, the end-of-year sales often just mean an opportunity for stores to wheel out all the stock they didn’t manage to sell (often for good reason) throughout the rest of the year. There are still some bargains to be had, though, and if you’re not quite all shopped out yet, here are just a few of them, to be getting on with…

Shopbop sale

SHOPBOP : up to 75% off with code TREATYOURSELF

NET-A-PORTER: up to 50% off selected lines

TOPSHOP : up to 50% off

ASOS: up to 50% off

DOROTHY PERKINS: up to 50% off everything

RIVER ISLAND: up to 50% off

ZARA: various discounts

MANGO: up to 50% off

OASIS: up to 50% off

WAREHOUSE: up to 50% off

BODEN: up to 60% off

H&M: up to 60% off

GAP: up to 60% off


JOY: up to 60% off


KAREN MILLEN: up to 50% off

BANANA REPUBLIC : up to 60% off

SELFRIDGES: up to 50% off

NEW LOOK: up to 70% off

HOBBS: various reductions

LA REDOUTE: up to 60% off

MONSOON: up to 50% off

J CREW: 50% off selected styles

FOREVER 21: up to 50% off

NORDSTROM: up to 50% off throughout January

Happy shopping, everyone: don’t do anything we wouldn’t do!


50% off partywear – and your last chance to find that perfect Christmas outfit!

OK guys, there are just four shopping days left until Christmas, and if, like us, you like to do most of your shopping online, we’d recommend getting those last-minute purchases in today – and ponying up the extra cash for next-day delivery- if you want to make sure they get there on time.

If you still have gifts to buy, well, we’re afraid your on your own with that – good luck, though. If you need a last-minute outfit, however, your luck is in, because River Island are currently offering 50% partywear – and there’s still time for that next-day shipping option to get it to you on time. Phew! Here’s some of what you could buy…

black jumpsuit

Black bandeau jumpsuit, £20

The jumpsuit is basically the fashionista’s alternative to the little black dress: it’s almost as versatile (well, unless you’re talking about toilet visits, in which case the opposite is true), but it’s just a little bit cooler. This one is currently reduced to £20, and is available in a range of different colours.

glitter ankle boots

glitter ankle boots, £20

Metallic ankle boots have been one of the big hits of this season: they work really well with all of those pleated midi skirts that are also super-popular right now, and we’re willing to bet this glitter version will be a whole lot more comfortable than strappy sandals by the end of the night. Speaking of skirts, meanwhile…

metallic pencil skirt

Metallic pencil skirt, £10

No, you’re not reading that wrong: this metallic pencil skirt is just £10, and although it’s simple, it’s also sparkly enough to more than make up for it!

red knitted dress

Red Handkerchief hem dress, £20

If you’re looking for something just a little bit different, the red colour of this dress gives it a suitably festive feel, without being too over-the-top. This one will also transition easily enough to daywear, too, making that £20 price tag seem even more of a bargain!

Fashion News

Shopbop 65% off sale!

Shopbo 65% off sale

OK, OK, settle down: you’re not getting 65% off EVERYTHING, unfortunately, but for the next three days at least, you can get up to 65% off at Shopbop by using the code EXTRA30 to get an extra 3-& off the already-discounted sales items. Read to shop? Because we are…

Kendzo Cosy ScarfThe Cosy Scarf

Kenzo’s ‘Cosy’ scarf not only lives up to its name, it also comes in five different colours, and would make an excellent Christmas gift  – assuming you can resist buying one for yourself, that is.

Kate Spade glitter ankle bootsKate Spade glitter ankle boots

Don’t think you can pull off glitter ankle boots? Well, there’s really only one way to answer that question, and a 40% discount (not to mention that additional 30%) makes this a good time to get that answer. (Oh, and for the record? You can TOTALLY pull off glitter ankle ankle boots: trust us on this…)

Monrow robe and bkanket lounge set

Monrow robe and blanket lounge set

A robe AND a blanket, all in one cute, heart-shaped package? Why have we never heard of this before? And why isn’t everyone selling them? Again, if you don’t fancy this for yourself, it would make a great Christmas gift for the lady who loves to lounge. And seriously: who DOESN’T love to lounge?

See by Chloe Vicki bag

See by Chloe Vicki cross-body bag

Finally, we don’t know about you, but we can always find room inside the closet for one more handbag, and a tan leather number like this one will never go out of style. It may, however, go out of stock: this sale lasts for three days only, so if you’re the type who likes to sit around for weeks deliberating over your purchases then a) You have far stronger willpower than we do, so kudos to you for that, but b) don’t blame us if that item you’re after is sold out by the time you decide to hit the ‘buy now’ button!


25% off at Dorothy Perkins – but only until midnight!

OK, Cinderella, you have until midnight to fill up your baskets and run off with your handsome prince – by which we mean your new dress, shoes, or whatever it is you’ve chosen to buy. Yup, the store that just keeps on giving is having yet ANOTHER sale: this time Dorothy Perkins are offering 25% off just about everything, so whether you’re shopping for a Christmas party outfit, searching for stocking fillers, or just giving yourself a bit of a treat, now’s the time to do it. And if you’re spoilt for choice, here are some suggestions to help you on your way:

Angela Western styleankle boots

‘Angela’ western style ankle boots

No, they’re never going to be mistaken for Chloe, but then again, they’re not going to cost you £600 either, are they? (Actually, they’ll cost you £29.25 on sale, which sounds like a pretty good deal to us, given that you’ll wear them all winter long: and possibly all spring and summer too, if your climate is anything like ours…)

Chi Chi London dress

Chi Chi London embroidered dress

Honestly? Unless you’re getting married real soon, or have the kind of lifestyle we at The Fashion Police can only dream of, we can’t even imagine why you’d need this dress. With that said, it’s currently £29.99 on sale, and that might just be reason enough, don’t you think?

Finally, and still in the ‘fantasy shopping’ section…

Little Mistress tulle midi skirt

Little Mistress tulle midi skirt

What can we say: we like tulle skirts, and we cannot lie. This style is actually still pretty much on trend right now, so we don’t feel too guilty for showing you this one, but even if it wasn’t, if you’re going to buy yourself the kind of skirt you’re probably not going to find yourself wearing every day (or even every week), you might as well do it while it’s on sale, huh?